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July 4, 2022
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Interested in how to get overbite correction without surgery? You’re not alone. Many adults and children have a mild or severe overbite.

The Cleveland Clinic explains that an unaddressed and severe overbite can cause a variety of issues. That includes everything from jaw pain and breathing issues to gum disease and difficulty chewing.

An overbite problem can easily be uncomfortable, cosmetically displeasing, or otherwise not desirable. It may affect your confidence or self-image, whether or not it causes oral health problems.

But there’s good news, too: In many cases, you won’t need surgery to fix an overbite. While we believe that the best health outcomes often involve 

Keep reading for answers to commonly asked questions about overbites and how to correct one without surgery.

How to Get Overbite Correction Without Surgery: Common Questions

What is an Overbite?

In technical terms, overbites occur in everyone. It refers to the level of vertical teeth overlap (or lack thereof) between your upper front teeth and bottom front teeth.

Overjet is a related term sometimes grouped together with overbite. It refers to the horizontal overlap between those same groups of teeth.

An overbite becomes an issue when it is too extreme or too minor. In a medical context, common issues related to your overbite are called malocclusions, which simply means a misalignment or similar issue.

Practically, most people refer to an excessive or absent overbite as simply an overbite. That includes the team in our office. Our dental professionals will understand what you mean and prioritize the issue at hand. They’re not focused on your knowledge of technical dental terms.

Overbites are part of a broader group of dental issues, often called bad bites. They can lead to issues that potentially require TMJ treatment. Don’t ignore your concerns — make a plan to treat it today.

Is Jaw Surgery Needed for an Overbite?

Surgery is an effective overbite treatment in severe instances. A procedure can be the easiest way to fix a serious issue. But can you fix your overbite without surgery?

Many individuals can successfully address a minor or moderate bite issue without surgery. Better tooth alignment is entirely possible through orthodontic treatment. You might wear braces, use clear aligners or opt for other treatment options.

A woman holds up an invisible aligner and a pair of braces attached to a model of human teeth.

At What Age Should an Overbite be Corrected?

Don’t worry about any kind of age cutoff when it comes to overbites. You can make the decision to change your overbite at any time.

It is important to note that there are more options for fixing an overbite in childhood. The work may be easier because children’s mouths are still growing. We mention this in case your child has an overbite that needs to be corrected. While we mostly treat adults, we offer a comprehensive approach to orthodontics for adults and children.

It’s still easy to fix bite issues as an adult, and many people do so without surgery.

What are the Non-Surgical Options for Correcting an Overbite?

Adults commonly use various types of braces and invisible aligners (like Invisalign) to correct a bite issue. These are most common paths to changing teeth placement and fixing an overbite without surgery.

Some dentists only focus on the appearance of your teeth or correcting the most basic problems with orthodontics. This may be enough to resolve cosmetic issues and minor concerns. However, it can leave those suffering from moderate or more severe issues without a fully effective change.

When creating an orthodontics treatment plan, our team determines the best possible bite position for your mouth. Additionally, we assess your airway and the impact an overbite may have on it.

We focus not only on your appearance, but your long-term health and your personal comfort as well. We call this holistic treatment process orthopedic orthodontics or jaw development orthodontics. You may also hear it referred to as orthotropics.

Ultimately, you can make major and positive changes that go beyond changing the appearance of an overbite. Our orthodontic procedures can lead to:

  • Better posture
  • Improved breathing (which can support better sleep and more energy during the day)
  • Getting rid of jaw clicking, popping, and pain associated with jaw misalignment

Looking for help with an overbite? Learn more about our orthodontics services here.

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