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aving a terrible bite can affect the body in a horrible way. Los Angeles Orthodontists at Perfect White Smile are ready to help you with modern orthodontic treatment.

Many of our patients unfortunately suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain, facial pain, clicking and popping of the jaw, grinding and clenching of the teeth, and more.

At PWS, one of the top providers of orthodontics in Beverly Hills, we focus on another level of orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to achieve healthy smiles that don’t only look incredible, but address those health issues.

We align the bite with the head and neck muscles and jaw joints. This is a more comprehensive and physiologic approach to orthodontics in Los Angeles. This technique can also enhance the ability to breathe and improve head posture.

We refer to our comprehensive, holistic approach as orthopedic orthodontics or jaw development orthodontics. Many of the patients that seek us out have deep overbites, extreme overjets, or crossbites.

Severely crooked teeth or narrow dental arches can affect breathing and posture. Just straightening teeth and leaving the jaw in the same terrible position will not alleviate the symptoms that our patients may be suffering from.

We like to correct the bite position first and test out our oral health treatment plan. We call that Phase 1.

During Phase 1, you should feel that your jaw position is aligned and comfortable. We will then move your teeth into that position utilizing our orthodontic system. We call this Phase 2. When Phase 2 incorporates orthodontics, we call this process jaw development orthodontics.


How are We Different Than Other Orthodontists in Los Angeles?

Many dentists solely focus on how the teeth come together and look. That’s an important concern, but far from the only one when it comes to dental health. As leading Beverly Hills orthodontists, our friendly staff take a much more physiologic approach to your well-being.

Our Practice
  • Our team determines a physiologic bite position before beginning orthodontics. Then, we test it to make sure the jaw joints are in the correct position. We call this Phase 1. We then proceed to move the teeth into that corrective position — Phase 2.
  • We examine the volume of the airway before beginning orthodontics. This determines if it needs to be enhanced, which starts by measuring the passage with a CT scan.
  • Having a bite that is in harmony with the muscles of the head, neck, and jaw joint will allow proper function without popping and clicking. It is a headache-free position that the body likes, since it’s aligned with the spine for better posture.

    When the function of your jaw, neck, teeth and head are aligned, it will translate into a better-looking smile!
Other Dentists
  • Many dentists straighten teeth and focus on bringing the teeth together eliminating crowding or gaps exclusively.
  • Examining the airway volume may be out of scope. Normal dentists focus on straightening teeth, not on your airway or neck alignment
  • Only considering how each tooth comes together to form your smile and neglecting muscle activity can lead to painful and uncomfortable consequences, like TMJ pain.
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The Why

Why is jaw development so important?

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Better Aligned Bite


Aligning the bite — putting it in harmony with the muscles of the head and neck and the jaw joint — makes you  happy and pain free.

Perfect Smile


Having a beautiful smile can affect your life in a positive way. People will treat you better and you will feel better about yourself when you smile!

Improved Posture and Airway


Since your head weighs up to 10 pounds, it can affect your posture as it sits on top of your spine. When yourlower jaw comes forward, you can enhance the size of your airway. That leads to better sleep and quality of life!

Dr. Frey ended up giving me the glamorous smile of my dreams for my wedding day, and I could not be happier with the results.

PWS Patient
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Frequently Asked Questions for Beverly Hills Orthodontists

If you want to learn even more, we invite you to reach out for a free smile consultation. We can answer all of your questions in depth.

I Still Have Questions

Do you use white ceramic braces or Invisalign in addition to metal braces?

For our TMJ patients who are in a lot of pain, we want to use the quickest and most efficient orthodontic system. We feel it's not about aesthetics at this point, especially because the orthodontics are temporary.e are helping patients who have been in a lot of discomfort. That includes suffering from headaches, jaw, neck and back pain, facial pain, tinnitus, and other conditionsfor many years.

How long do your patients typically wear braces?

We perform a type of orthodontics called controlled arch orthodontics. It can typically last anywhere from 1 to 2 years, on average. We feel that it’s a relatively quick timeline.. Sometimes, we start with orthodontics to fix major problems and then finish with porcelain, which is quick and effecient!

Does Perfect White Smile treat children in Beverly Hills and LA?

We do treat children, but mostly we are treating TMJ patients who have been suffering in pain and have finally found relief. We call it Phase 2 when we move the teeth into the healthy bite position of the TMJ therapy.

If your child has been told they need jaw surgery to correct their problem, we are more than happy to help avoid that.

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Located in Beverly Hills Perfect White Smile creates the world's most beautiful smiles and relieves patients of TMJ symptoms. Many times, both can be achieved at the same time in the same procedure!

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