Privacy Policy

At Perfect White Smile, we want you to know that your privacy matters to us a lot. That’s why Dr. Frey has put together this privacy statement to show just how serious he is about keeping your information safe.

Simply put, we don't share your email address or any other contact information you give us with anyone else. Ever. We won't sell it, rent it out, loan it, or give it away. Your information stays with us where it belongs.

Now, sometimes, we might use your contact information to get back to you when you reach out to us, or we might send you emails about our services. These emails might even have cool deals or special offers in them. But here's the thing – if you ever decide you don't want to get those emails anymore, you can opt out anytime. There's a link at the bottom of every email we send that lets you do just that.

We use some fancy tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords to see how our website is doing and make it better for you. These tools use cookies to track stuff like which pages you visit and how long you stay. It helps us give you a better experience on our site. And don't worry, you can opt out of Google tracking if you want by visiting their website.

Speaking of cookies, we also use them for AdWords remarketing. Basically, we put a cookie on your browser, and then, if you visit other websites, you might see ads for our site there. It's just a way for us to remind you about us. But if you'd rather not see those ads, you can opt-out on Google's opt-out page.

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