Orthotropics vs. Orthodontics

February 23, 2021

r. David Frey is a dentist in the Beverly Hills, California area who understands that is necessary for proper dental health and development. When patients are dealing with bite alignment or crooked teeth, they may think that orthodontic work is the solution. However, there is another area of treatment that patients might not realize exists: orthotropics. There are cases where a patient might be a better candidate for orthotropics vs. orthodontics, and here’s why:

  • Orthotropics is a specific strategy that is used to correct the development of straight teeth and proper jaw alignment. This approach is more than just straightening the teeth for better aesthetic appearance. Instead, the orthotropic treatment also improves the appearance of the face while improving airway development and posture. In an ideal orthotropic treatment plan, services start around the ages of 6 or 7 and only takes a year or so to complete. With proper and early intervention with orthotropics, many children can avoid the need for extracting their adult teeth or undergoing jaw surgery later on.
  • Orthodontics is more geared towards realigning the bite and obtaining an attractive smile. It can be performed for both children and adults and is often done for patients who have not had orthotropics done in the past. Orthodontic treatment typically begins around the early teen years after all the adult teeth have erupted in the mouth. Orthodontic treatment has minimal impact on one’s facial appearance and structure when compared to the use of orthotropics.

Which Is Right For Me?

During a consultation visit and initial evaluation, our team can assess an individual to determine if they are a batter candidate for orthotropics or orthodontics. During this examination, Dr. David Frey will provide an experienced recommendation and speak to patients about what they can expect during their chosen treatment.

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