Dr. Frey Is Now Practicing In London At Harley Street Dental Studio!

Dr. David Frey | Beverly Hills | London

Dr. David S. Frey has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over 31 years giving patients beautiful, natural-looking results. He is taking his skills overseas to London to work with Harley Street Dental Studio to treat TMJ and provide Smile Makeover treatments. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Frey today for the dates below! You can schedule your appointment through our contact form or by calling +44 (0) 207 0960794.

You can learn more about Dr. Frey at Harley Street Dental Studio by visiting their website.

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Dates Of Availability

Dr. Frey Will Be In The London Office From June 14-23

Contact our office today to learn about Dr. Frey’s availability in London throughout 2021!

All dentistry under normal circumstances should be completed in one week or less by Dr. Frey.

The Wellness Hour

Smile Makeovers with London Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David Frey

Treatment Options for TMJ / TMD with London Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David Frey

Smile Makeovers with London Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David Frey

Author Of The Physiologic Dentist And Smile 360

Dr. Frey is the author of The Physiologic Dentist and Smile 360. Click on the book cover to request your complimentary copy!

The Physiologic Dentist Cover

Smile 360 Cover
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