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5 Non-Surgical Dental Makeover Techniques

May 4, 2022
A woman has had a full dental makeover

It doesn’t take surgery to get a dental makeover. While surgical procedures like dental implants can help your aesthetic dental health, there are a number of less invasive dental procedures to improve your smile.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of these cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures, ranging from quick and easy to full teeth makeovers.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are straight, and in good condition generally, then whitening may be all you need for a dental makeover. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can transform a dull smile. 

On our website, we explain, “The precise application of an approved peroxide product doesn’t just take your teeth back to their original shade; teeth whitening can lift the radiance of your smile beyond your natural shade. This is significant because many people’s teeth are naturally somewhat off-white due to the thickness of their enamel or other genetic factors.”

Dental Veneers

For those whose teeth are not as healthy, porcelain veneers might be the perfect smile makeover. This procedure is ideal for those who have chipped or cracked teeth, or who have gaps in their smile. Dental veneers can whiten stained teeth, address a gummy smile, solve uneven teeth, and even improve the appearance of crooked teeth.

Healthline says, “Some people may only get one veneer in the case of a broken or chipped tooth, but many get between six to eight veneers in order to create an even, symmetrical smile. The top front eight teeth are the most commonly applied veneers.”

In this procedure, your dentist will start by solving oral health problems, like gum disease or problems with your tooth root. Then they will adhere porcelain veneers directly to your existing teeth. 

Some veneers require a fair amount of preparation to remove tooth enamel before the application. Other types of veneers (like the Lumineers that we use at Perfect While Smile) are applied with much less preparation. 


If your teeth are crooked, or if you have severe problems with your bite (which can cause problems with your jaw, such as TMJ), your dentist may recommend orthodontics. Procedures like braces can help straighten teeth and solve the more serious problems of bite alignment.

While orthodontic procedures are generally non-surgical, they are more involved than cosmetic procedures.

Tooth replacement

For those with missing teeth, replacing them can be an excellent dental makeover technique. Depending on which teeth are missing, and how many, options may include bridges or implants. 

Implants are considered a surgical solution, so they don’t quite fit on this list. You can learn more about them in our blog. Bridges, on the other hand, are a non-surgical dental procedure that can improve your smile. 

A bridge is a false tooth or teeth that are held in your mouth with dental crowns on the teeth on either side of the gap.

Full dental makeover

Perhaps the best solution for an astonishing smile is a full dental makeover. A full smile makeover involves many of the techniques that we’ve discussed above, combined into one full mouth reconstruction. At Perfect White Smile, we call our version of this “Smile 360.

As we explain on our website, “Getting all your teeth enhanced involves a comprehensive 360 approach that makes sure you have healthy gums, no infections or missing teeth, a healthy bite that is headache and pain-free, and most importantly, a beautiful smile!”

This is a comprehensive approach to cosmetic and aesthetic dental health, and to dental health overall. This procedure is designed to 

  • replace missing teeth 
  • repair damaged teeth 
  • correct improperly aligned jaw joints and bites
  • reverse gum disease
  • get the jaw joints working properly without clicks and pops 
  • create the most gorgeous smiles that look relaxed and proportional to your face.

Before undertaking a full dental makeover, your dentist will need to address any underlying dental problems that the patient may have. First, your dentist will handle any necessary

  • Root canals
  • Gum tissue issues
  • Tooth loss
  • Orthodontics
  • TMJ issues

Then your dentist will tackle the rest of the teeth makeover process, including solutions like dental veneers.

What makes Smile 360 different from the other techniques we’ve discussed is that it is intended to treat your entire mouth. Because your oral health issues are solved while your smile is being corrected and beautified, this is a full dental makeover.

Want to learn more about non-surgical dental options? Keep reading here.

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