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July 5, 2022
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dental vacation? What’s that?

For some patients, a dental vacation is all about the first-class dental treatment they can receive away from home. For others, it’s an opportunity to combine dental work with a fun visit to a unique destination.

No matter how you plan out dental tourism, it’s an opportunity to improve everything from the aesthetics of your smile through cosmetic dentistry to your overall dental health and well-being.

How to Plan Your Beverly Hills Dental Vacation

Dentistry tourism is increasingly popular, with patients traveling across the country and the world in search of treatments that aren’t as accessible near their homes.

The first step in planning dental tourism, be it a dental implant vacation or a trip focused on cosmetic improvements, is choosing where to go.

Since this is ultimately a dental vacation, make sure you find a dentist who can address your needs (in terms of both dental procedures and scheduling) before booking any travel or hotels. Ideally, you can find a destination that provides plenty of opportunities for fun as well as excellent dentists — like Beverly Hills.

Many medical tourism patients plan a trip that includes time to:

  • Sightsee
  • Visit museums and other cultural attractions
  • Hike, visit the beach and otherwise engage with nature
  • Shop
  • Dine out
  • Relax and unwind

Beverly Hills and the surrounding area offer a variety of attractions that can quickly fill up your vacation itinerary. From the beautiful climate and nearby beaches to high-end designer shopping and fine dining, you won’t have trouble planning a great trip. At the same time, you’ll take an important step to improve your oral health.

As you start to make your dental vacation plan, consider the differences between an international and domestic trip.

Understanding Dental Tourism to Other Countries

Dental care tourism to other countries can be attractive due to cost differences. However, the Ontario Academy of General Dentistry points out that when issues arise with such dental work, some patients are left without a simple way to correct those problems.

With the dentist located internationally, it may not be realistic to return for corrective treatment. Even if the dentist offers to make needed adjustments free of charge, the time and travel costs involved can be a major barrier.

Dental Tourism in the US

When you take a dental vacation in the United States, you can count on the same high-quality care and level of professional experience that you’ve received from your own dentists in the past.

Travel is often less time-consuming, and potentially less expensive, than an international trip. You don’t have to worry about exchanging currency, arranging for a tourist visa, or the other concerns that can come with visiting another country.

Instead, you can focus on your dental tourism trip itself, including both fun activities and your treatment plan.

A happy couple shows off their smiles while lying down on the beach.

Identifying Treatment Needs and Finding a Dentist for Your Dental Vacation

You’ll need to schedule your appointment or appointments before you move forward with a dental vacation, so make that a top priority. Once you have those dental visits set, you can start to book travel and accommodations.

Of course, to book an appointment, you’ll need a clear picture of your dental health concerns and desires.

Issues identified by your regular dentist, like a need for orthodontics or TMJ disorder, are good places to start. Some needs, like a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, are obvious.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you have the best understanding of what you want your smile to look like. There may be no dental problems beyond appearance. You’ll simply have to describe the aesthetic concerns you have or describe how you want your smile to look once treatment is complete.

Perfect White Smile: A Top Beverly Hills Dental Vacation Destination

Perfect White Smile is your Beverly Hills dental vacation destination. Centrally located in Beverly Hills, our team of experienced dental professionals can capably address your needs.

We offer an unmatched experience and exceptional dental care for all of our patients, whether they’re local celebrities or vacationers making a dental tourism visit. We can address serious oral health issues, improve the aesthetic qualities of your smile, or do both in the same visit.

Want to learn more about our services for your next dental vacation? Check them out here.

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