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January 20, 2023
Do I Need To Correct My Bite Pattern?

While you may not give it much thought, the position of your teeth has a big impact on your life. Your bite pattern will determine how well you chew, how you smile, and so forth. Unfortunately, some people may develop misaligned bite patterns. When this happens, a licensed dental professional will need to fix it.

Why Correct Your Bite Pattern?

The simple fact is that straight teeth are stronger than crooked teeth. When you have misaligned teeth, it can cause strain that can create chips and other forms of breakage. A misaligned bite pattern can also make it harder for a person to chew and digest their food.

Apart from functionality, a poor bite pattern can make it harder to clean your teeth. It can also put a large toll on your self-confidence. Aligned teeth are much easier to clean and care for. They even provide one with great self-confidence in their smile.

Different Bite Patterns That Are a Problem

If you don't have a correct bite pattern, then you may be suffering from one of four oral health conditions. These include an open bite, underbite, overbite, and crossbite.

Open Bite

Open Bite is often the result of thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting. This causes your front teeth to not line up with your bottom jaw. People with open bite tend to notice that their back molars wear out sooner than they should.


An underbite consists of a lower jaw that sticks up much more than an upper jaw. This condition makes it much harder for a patient to chew and bite, which can lead to other problems like TMJ.


Overbites are a common condition that dentists must correct. This condition happens when the upper jaw sticks out further than the lower jaw. Patients with overbites tend to wear out their front teeth faster and will bite into their gums.


When your teeth overlap in an uneven manner when together, your have a crossbite. Those with this oral health condition are more likely to fracture and chip their teeth.

How is a Misaligned Bite Pattern Fixed?

If your dentist tells you that you have a misaligned bite pattern, getting it corrected is vital. Early detection can be the key to preventing a plethora of oral health problems. To correct a poor bite pattern, you'll need the help of an orthodontist, who can straighten teeth.

There are many different tools that your dentist may use to fix your bite pattern problem. These include upper jaw expanders, braces, tooth removal, jaw surgery, and so much more. The specific treatment that you undergo will depend on the type of bite pattern that you have.

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