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What is the difference between a holistic dentist and a biological dentist?

June 2, 2022
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There is very little difference between a holistic dentist and a biological dentist. In fact, some dentists consider them to be one and the same. However, there is a big difference between a holistic or biological dentist and a traditional dentist. 

Broadly speaking, a holistic or biological dentist is concerned with your overall health and wellbeing, not merely on the health of the teeth and gums. The term “holistic” means that is taking into account all the parts of something, considering them all to be interconnected. In medicine, this means that a holistic doctor (or dentist) addresses not only the health of the mouth and the body, but also the mental state of the patient and even social factors that affect them. 

A good example of this approach to dentistry is the problem of tobacco use. A traditional dentist would look at the mouth, the teeth, the gums, and work on repairing the damage to the mouth. But a holistic dentist would recognize that smoking has other side effects, including, of course, cancer, but also heart disease, diabetes, cognitive problems associated with age, and more. 

The holistic dentist wouldn’t be satisfied with merely trying to get tobacco stains off your teeth. They would want to get to the heart of the problem. 

What is holistic dental care?

Holistic dentists also use safe materials in their work. They want the most toxin-free, bio-compatible dental products. One notable material that holistic dentists avoid is the use of amalgam, which are fillings with mercury. Mercury amalgam fillings can lead to neurological damage. 

The American Dental Association claims that the amount of mercury is so low in fillings as to be a non-issue, but a holistic dentist is not content with that. They want the entire procedure to be mercury safe. 

Another important factor of holistic or biological dentistry is the education that these dentists give to their patients. Rather than rushing a patient through from x-rays to cleanings to inspection to out the door, a holistic dentist will take the time needed to explain how your entire body is being affected by your oral health. 

On the whole, a holistic dentist will spend more time with the patient than a traditional dentist, and this is to make sure that you have all the information you need to be healthier. It’s also to make sure that you have all the time you need to ask any and every question. 

Do holistic dentists do root canals?

The point of a root canal, according to traditional dentists, is to save a “dying” tooth. But holistic dentists are less likely to immediately jump to a drilling solution. In fact, one of the big differences in biological dentistry vs regular dentistry is the willingness to use invasive techniques. 

A holistic or biological dentist is going to look for drill-less options, like air abrasion, ozone therapy or laser therapy on a tooth. (They also use digital x-rays that emit lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays.)

Yes, a holistic dentist may perform a root canal, but will do it after other therapies have been exhausted. And there will be much more education given about the risks and benefits of the procedure than you would get from a traditional dentist. 

Is there a holistic biological dentist near me?

Dr. Frey’s dental practice is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, but he also has dental offices in London. He is a dentist who is interested in more than good oral health, but in your overall condition. 

Are biological dentists worth it?

That’s a question that you’ll have to answer for yourself, but it would be wise to visit a holistic biological dentist, rather than just a traditional dentist, and see the difference between the two. 

The important factor for you may be mercury fillings. It may be whole-body health. It may be non-invasive procedures. Whatever it is, we’re sure you’ll find Dr. Frey is the dentist for you. 

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