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The Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing Your Crooked Teeth

There are many dental problems a person can encounter, but one of the most terrifying, if not the most disappointing, is a crooked smile. People who have crooked teeth could find it difficult to complete simple tasks such as eating, drinking, or even talking. Although there are various reasons as to why someone has a crooked jaw, a lot of individuals tend to overlook the most obvious answer: genetics. Yes, the construction of one’s face and family medical history plays a big part in their dental and oral care. Albeit, the symptoms may differ due to the times, nevertheless these circumstances should not be ignored. Major problems can come from minor tooth inconveniences like the underbite and the overbite.

The Underbite and Overbite Explained

An overbite and an underbite share similar symptoms but what makes them different is the location of the affected area. The underbite is a condition where the lower teeth are blocking the front upper teeth whenever the jaws are closed. Normally, the lower line is supposed to be behind the upper row of teeth. An underbite is mostly a genetic problem (due to the shape of the person’s jaw) but children who are exposed to sucking pacifiers for long periods of time, bad chewing habits, and thumb sucking experience it as well – for the motion of “sucking” encourages the teeth to grow or move outward. It can also be caused by children who have adenoids or allergies because it causes the victim to breathe through her/his mouth.

The overbite, on the other hand, occurs when the upper teeth overlaps with the lower one. In order for your teeth to be classified under this dental problem, it has to exceed the normal measurement of 3-5mm. Of course, it is caused by genetics and the habits of early childhood, but since children are more prone to developing this kind of complication, overbites are known to be the most common malocclusion in this age bracket.

Because of the misaligned construction of the teeth, one’s smile can become crooked or misaligned. The immediate solution is to go visit a cosmetic dentist. With the availability of modern cosmetic dentistry technology today, people with crooked teeth can resolve this concern much faster and through painless methods.

Treating Crooked Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists specialize in giving people that perfect white smile. Although it is popularly known as the go-to option to get that superstar shine, their methods can actually remedy common dental problems like crooked teeth.

People who have seriously crooked teeth will find it difficult to speak and chew their food (even if it is soft). In some extreme cases, they experience:
• Chronic jaw or joint pain (TMJ)
• Headaches and earaches
• Incessant mouth breathing
• Halitosis and bacterial infections
• Wearing of the tooth enamel
• Tooth decay
• Sleep apnea and other nighttime breathing difficulties

Snapping a good set of braces is the usual option for most people, but because of what cosmetic dentistry has to offer, individuals who have crooked teeth don’t need to wait for a long time for visible results and will no longer have to worry about their teeth misaligning again.

Out of all the options of cosmetic dental approaches, reshaping and applying veneers onto the affected areas is the best dental correction choice. It can accommodate all sorts of cases, and the process and finished look is simple and fast. Depending on what the cosmetic dentist is facing, s/he will need to shave a portion of your upper or lower teeth before placing the porcelain veneer over the area. Porcelain veneers are hard, thin shells that can cover up almost every kind of dental imperfection, and at the same time, give your pearly whites that extra strength they need.

Your teeth are special, and even though you have been taught that brushing and flossing will aid you in avoiding various dental issues, there are situations where the benefits of fluoride is not enough to protect you. Cases like under/overbites and similar imperfections cannot be corrected with these methods, and ignoring their early signs will further damage your dental health. With cosmetic dentistry, however, you are able to correct these issues without having to experience long lasting pains and a slow recovery periods. You are also able to choose from a list of procedures that can improve the state of your pearly whites. Cosmetic dentistry is in fact one of the best options to bring out (or revive) that gorgeous smile of yours and is the modern solution for all your tooth-related woes.

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