I would like to say that I randomly went to Dr. Frey 2.5 yrs ago as I didnt have a regular dentist here in LA. Im from out of town and was working as a travel RN. As well as I have alway taken good care of my teeth, braces 3 times, brush and floss… Read More »

Mark W.

Honestly I feel like God pointed me in his direction of his office. I was to start at another place to get my smile back, but as I lay in bed the night before I saw Dr. Frey on TV, Something told me to call them and tell them about my situation and I did.… Read More »

Karen J.

Dr. Frey was the first dentist to clearly show me why I had issues with my new crown done by a different dentist. With a high resolution and high zoom camera, he took clear pictures showing the crown walls had left dentin exposed at the base of the crown, which should not have happened. I… Read More »

Nahid T

I went to Dr Frey for veneers . He did a fantastic job matching the color and size of the veneers to my teeth. I was very happy with the overall result of the veneers and the impact on my smile. Dr Frey also replaced a crown for me. My old crown ( that was… Read More »

Tali N

Let me start by saying I have suffered from chronic headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain most of my life. After seeing Dr. Frey on TV I contacted his office for an appointment and was able to get in right away. They do not schedule appointments 20 minutes apart so they are able to give… Read More »

Leslie B

I had always wanted a perfect smile.  With approaching nuptials, I decided to finally make my dreams a reality for my wedding…and every day after.     Thorough research into some of the best cosmetic dentists in the United States led me to Dr. Frey in Beverly Hills.  Dr. Frey’s team made me feel comfortable… Read More »


Full Mouth Reconstruction Beverly hills, CA

I am so happy with my smile by Dr. Frey! His staff is warm and friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable, I had the best cleaning of my life from the hygienist and the office is spotless.  Dr. Frey is easy to talk to and totally understood what I wanted. He explained my… Read More »


Dear Dr. Frey,    From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for giving me a beautiful smile. I am so happy that after hearing about you from another satisfied client of yours from many years ago, I finally decided to call you this year. From my initial consultation, I felt very… Read More »


Tony Testimonial - David S. Frey DDS

For me, smiling for the camera was like nails on a chalkboard before I came into Dr. Frey’s office. In fact, the only time I would really smile was when laughing or seeing family and friends. I feel that having a great smile has given me so much confidence in myself, and I owe that to… Read More »


antonio Dental Implants | David Frey | Beverly Hills, CA

When I first met Dr. Frey in 2006 my smile was far from perfect .. Coming from Europe I could not be more lucky to come across a true master of cosmetic dentistry in my very first year living in states. He is not just the most patient but extremely diligent professional in his field.… Read More »


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