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Celebrity Smiles

UCLA Basketball Great Rod Foster

UCLA’s Rod Foster visited Dr. Frey in Beverly Hills!


Vh1 star of hollywood exes jessica canseco

The former wife of baseball great Jose Canseco and star of VH1’s show Hollywood Exes stopped into Dr. Frey’s office!

Playboy Super Model Victoria Bonya

Playboy supermodel and suspected Russian spy visited Dr. Frey.

The home run slugger giancarlo stanton

Even the heaviest hitters in the MLB need a bright, healthy smile. Lets go Marlins!

Superstar Smiles With Singer And Actress Zendaya

Celebrity singer and actress Zendaya recently visited Dr. Frey’s Beverly Hills office for a smile consultation. She was won over by the staff’s professionalism and comforting demeanor, as well as Dr. Frey’s smile expertise.

DJ Mustard’s Superstar Smile

DJ Mustard, in the house! This celebrity DJ stopped by for a smile consultation, and opted for a complete smile makeover over two separate visits. He was completely delighted that cosmetic dentistry did not affect his speech, which was his main concern at first.

Music Superstar T.I.

T.I. likes to smile, so we make sure that his smile stays bright and clean. What a happy, professional guy! We were thrilled to work with him.

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