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Get your Smile Back on Track with Full Arch Replacement

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Beverly Hills CATooth loss is often quite minor, affecting one or two teeth here and there. Some patients have the more severe issue of full-arch tooth loss. In such instances, a disease has usually led to a need for extraction. Once the disease has been appropriately treated, the secondary concern is how teeth will be replaced. Today, most patients are good candidates for dental implant treatment to restore full functionality to the smile.

Full arch tooth replacement describes the use of a denture to replace natural teeth across an entire upper or lower arch. Not just dentures, though, a denture that is supported by several dental implants. The development of extensive dental implant procedures has paved the way for more patients to regain the comfort and confidence they had with natural, root-stabilized teeth. The structural soundness of the implant supported fixture means far less, if any, difficulty with eating, speaking, and self-confidence.

Why Full Arch Replacement Makes Sense

Losing a full arch of teeth is a rather traumatic event. Extractions are performed with precision to minimize disruption of soft tissues. That is not the issue. The issue is the emotional and functional toll that occurs when teeth are not present. To be honest, dentures are a poor substitute for fully stabilized teeth. With an implant-supported fixture, our patients can enjoy benefits that include:

  • Minimally invasive restorative procedure.
  • In many cases, same-day seating of temporary teeth.
  • Prevention of muscle deterioration in the lower face/jaw.
  • Prevention of bone loss due to ongoing stimulation via implant posts.
  • Permanent stability for artificial teeth.

Same-day tooth replacement is often possible, allowing patients to resume normal activities more quickly and easily after the insertion of dental implants. Even temporaries are made to closely resemble the appearance of natural tooth enamel. No one can tell the difference but your dentist.

We want to give our patients something to smile about. Our friendly service is backed by years of training and experience, and a strong commitment to long-term results from dental implant treatment. If you are ready to restore the ultimate in function and aesthetics to your smile, schedule a consultation in our Beverly Hills office.

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