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Dangers of Untreated TMJ

Many Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder but oftentimes do not seek treatment. Since TMJ disorder is easily aggravated by many normal daily tasks, it can be difficult to avoid. Anyone who suffers from TMJ syndrome should seek treatment with Dr. David Frey in Beverly Hills, CA, as this can lead to other serious medical conditions.

What Is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint located in the jaw. TMJ causes discomfort and pain that can either be intermittent or chronic. Symptoms are often overlooked as signs of stress, causing the disorder to go untreated. Failure to get TMJ treated may have serious lifelong consequences.

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How serious is TMD?

Temporomandibular joint disorder is misunderstood or underappreciated by many dentists. This can lead to misdiagnoses of conditions such as migraine headaches or neck and upper back pain. While TMJ is not a condition that is life-threatening or permanently disfiguring, it can have a very serious impact on your quality of life. Chronic jaw pain, headaches, ringing in your ears, and difficulty chewing and biting aren’t issues to shrug off; they merit the full attention of a temporomandibular joint expert such as Dr. Frey. Why settle for chronic pain and a diminished quality of life?

What are the dangers of not treating TMJ?

  • Other medical conditions: TMJ can lead to other medical conditions. Most sufferers of TMJ will attempt to alleviate their pain through self medication. Over time, this can lead to addiction. Many TMJ sufferers fall prey to alcoholism and drug abuse if left untreated by a doctor. Constant pain from TMJ, combined with grinding teeth can lead to sleep disturbance and insomnia as well. TMJ symptoms may also contribute to depression, which can negatively impact job performance, relationships, and quality of life. Not treating your TMJ could also lead to malnutrition and possibly eating disorders. This is because some patients try avoiding the problem by only consuming soft foods, liquids, or not eating at all. No one should have to suffer with these other medical conditions since TMJ can be treated permanently through safe, nonsurgical treatment.
  • Dental health: Putting off TMJ treatment can lead to additional dental health issues. The grinding and clenching of teeth can lead to fractured teeth and worn down enamel. Sufferers of TMJ tend to favor one side of the jaw over the other which can cause swelling on one side of the face and unsymmetrical muscle growth. This can give the patient a lopsided appearance.
  • Tinnitus and jaw problems: Since the joint is located directly beneath the ears, TMJ disorder may lead to tinnitus or even permanently compromised hearing. Inner ear problems can also cause difficulties with balance and cause vertigo, or recurring dizziness. Vision may also be compromised. TMJ can also lead to serious jaw problems, such as locked jaw. The jaw may become permanently stuck open, requiring a trip to the hospital. The breakdown of the cartilage in the jaw can also result in the dislocation of the jaw.

How to Treat TMJ Disorder

There are many different options when it comes to treating TMJ disorder. Some of the treatments are:

  • Stress-reducing exercises
  • Taking regular muscle relaxants
  • Mouthguards to prevent teeth grinding
  • Avoiding extreme jaw movements
  • Forms of laser therapy

For more aggressive cases of TMJ, treatments such as surgery or injections may be used as treatment. Dr. Frey utilizes a two-phase neuromuscular orthodontic treatment for his TMJ patients.

TMJ Treatment Testimonial

It is so nice to not wake up with severe jaw PAIN everyday… Dr Frey is AMAZING, AWESOME, PERSISTENT and a Dentist with INTEGRITY. Actually ALL of you are. You are the GREATEST team that I have ever seen. Even my lips looked full & beautiful for my age. My ENTIRE FACE looks Better & younger. Thanks a BIG BUNCH.

-LC on Google

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