Mark W.

I would like to say that I randomly went to Dr. Frey 2.5 yrs ago as I didnt have a regular dentist here in LA. Im from out of town and was working as a travel RN. As well as I have alway taken good care of my teeth, braces 3 times, brush and floss prob too much, the enamel started coming off. I knew I couldnt afford Veneers but just want to see what Dr. Frey could offer me. I have to say that he is just the most professional, kindest, wittiest professional I have ever been to. The WHOLE staff made me feel at home just on day 1. Dr. Frey spend SO MUCH 1:1 time with me. One can actually feel his genuine personality. My front teeth were in such bad shape from the lack of enamel, I would always cover my mouth when smiling or laughing. Dr. Frey is a true people person. He worked with me financially even though he has tons of patients and an office in London, he treated me like family. Now that my teeth are “brand new”, I have my smile back, I have my esteem back and I laugh harder than ever before. If ANYONE that reads this, and doesnt go for a consult before going to another dentist, then, its YOUR LOSS. I will use Dr. Frey for the rest of my life. You just cant find professionals ( old school) like Dr. Frey anymore, especially one thats so willing to work with you, $ speaking. All my respect and warm wishes to him and his unbelievable friendly staff.

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