Jessica H.

I recently discovered Dr. David Frey after having to deal with agonizing pain from TMJ for months from having lockjaw! I went through the gamut of trial & error craniosacral therapy, Botox , myofascial self help DVDs, and so on! I made an appointment with Dr. Fey about 3 weeks ago not expecting much! Instead I was pleasantly surprised to have felt so at home by Dr. Fey & his amazing staff Jasmin & Sarah on my first appointment, and not to mention his office is simply immaculate. Dr. Frey suggested that I should get fitted for a permanent orthotic as opposed to the regular, cheap, plastic removable kind that most dentists offer you at the same price. He also recommended that I try The T.E.N.S. machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)for about a week to help relax my jaw muscles. After following his direction upon my 2nd visit, I was feeling way more energetic and my jaw muscles relaxed substantially in comparison to my first visit were I could just open my mouth up enough to fit a standard-sized fork in my mouth. By visit #3 my porcelain orthotic was ready! The moment finally came, and I had brand new bottom teeth that actually looked just like my own teeth. As a former model & current actress this was a big relief. I was able to actually chew food for the first time in months the following morning, and was able to run 2 miles for the first time in 3 months! I am not 100% cured yet but This was only my 3 x visit with Dr Fey, I would consider this pretty close to amazing ! I am so grateful to Dr. Frey and his amazing staff Jasmine & Sarah for their first-class service & going above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you for giving me my life back!

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