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This is where the magic happens!  in the Picture — can you Find…..

  1. Microscope with digital camera–so the dentist can see precisely                 
  2. Electric dental drills–quieter and more efficient                                             
  3. Diode Laser for evening the gum line.                                                             
  4. Networked Computers with the latest software                                           
  5. Headphones for music listening                                                                    
  6. Ipad
  7. Digital X-rays
  8. Large screen monitor
  9. Tempurpedic pad on dental chair for your comfort
  10. Ergonomic chair with elbow support for the dentist’s comfort
  11. Latex free gloves
  12. Nitrous Oxide tanks — barely visible                                                                                                        

What’s not in the picture can be found below…All because you are worth it

Dental Lasers

Dental Laser | Laser Dentistry Beverly Hills | Los Angeles CAAdditionally, the dental laser is an important piece of equipment for your doctor to own. They seem to be able to do more and more as society advances. Some of the dental lasers abilities are contouring and shaping gum tissue simultaneously with no bleeding or swelling. In addition, an Argon laser is an optimal tool as it can set the resin used to apply the veneers in a matter of five seconds per veneer, as opposed to the traditional halogen light sometimes used by dentists, which takes twenty to forty seconds. Today’s lasers are priceless as they can also be integral in bonding to tooth structure. They can actually remove bone and prep into tooth structure. They can also assist in removing old veneers and crowns they’re bonded in. Lasers can also relieve TMJ and muscle pain associated with the head and neck.


Tek Scan Bite Paper

Tek Scan Bite Paper Beverly Hills | Los AngelesThis is computerized bite paper which can determine which tooth hits first and which tooth hits hardest. A normal dentist will take blue bite paper and see a bunch of marks on the teeth which is absolutely impossible to know which tooth hit first or hardest. The Tek Scan Bite Paper system takes the guess-work out of the equation and speeds up the appointment time along with finding a more balanced bite position.


digital Scanners for Impressions

Digital Dentistry | Dental Scan Beverly Hills | Los Angeles CATaking impressions will all the goop can get sloppy and is often cumbersome on the patient. Digital impressions are quick and painless and can be stored forever. Be sure and ask your doctor about the equipment he or she maintains. If the office isn’t periodically upgraded and updated, your experience with Smile 360 could be compromised. Having the ultimate service for patients is not just owning this technology but using it and making sure it is updated and functioning properly on a regular basis. Many doctors are constantly investing in new technologies to make their job easier, as well as making the experience more comfortable for their patients. At the very least, your doctor should own a computerized bite finding machine, imaging software, computers, CT X-rays and lasers.

High End Digital camera

Digital Camera | Dentistry Beverly Hills CAAn excellent digital camera (like Canon or Nikon) with a great lens also becomes a vital part of a mouth doctor’s arsenal in order to take a clear image of your face for the smile catalog, as well as before and after photographs.

Technology in Numbing the Patient

Dental Numbing Technology Beverly Hills CAThe computer wand is a great innovation that numbs tissue one drop at a time. It’s more gentle than traditional methods and within five minutes can numb all of the upper teeth without numbing the lips. The Anutra numbing system also is a great adjunct for performing the Smile 360 procedure. Because this procedure involves numbing the entire mouth and keeping it numb for hours, the Anutra System allows the dentist to use a considerable less amount of local anesthetic to keep the patient numbed deeper and longer. What happens in the Anutra system infuses salt into the local anesthetic. This is advantageous as the salt keeps the nerve channel blocked for the anesthetic to work longer and keep the numbness more profound.

Increased Safety and Precision with Dental Technology

Dental Technology Beverly Hills | Los AngelesAt Dr. David Frey’s cosmetic dentistry practice, our goal is to provide you with the best, most accurate, and thorough diagnosis possible. Previously, we were limited by dental X-rays, even digital dental X-rays, to a two dimensional picture of a three dimensional problem. There were many things we could not see because X-rays did not have the resolution to show them. Despite our best efforts, we were forced to infer, project, surmise, calculate, and interpret. Often, we could only give our best educated guess based on what we could see on the X-ray.

Additionally, X-rays were often just not sensitive enough to show very small or beginning problems. That has all changed significantly with the advent of the J. Morita dental cone beam technology. With its extremely high resolution and exceptionally low radiation, it has literally changed our world with respect to what we can now see. This technology is especially beneficial for dental implants patients because it allows Dr. Frey to accurately plan the placement of implants, resulting in a healthy, attractive smile. Cone Beam 3D imaging also gives Dr. Frey the opportunity to examine all of the structures of the mouth prior to performing smile makeover treatment to his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients.

Cone Beam 3D imaging offers a large volume of information and subtle details that simply cannot be obtained by any two dimensional X-ray, whether intraoral or panoramic. One 3D scan will allow us to examine the region of interest at a high resolution from many different perspectives. Clinical studies support this technology’s improved diagnostic capabilities. We are very proud of cone beam 3D and feel strongly that this state-of-the-art technology will allow us to provide our patients with the very highest level of care possible today.

Taking the image is as simple as standing still. The 180 degree scan takes only 9.4 seconds and the images are transferred directly to a computer.

A common question about 3D imaging is the amount of radiation that is emitted in obtaining this type of image. In an effort to provide the best care and lowest radiation dose possible, we selected the Veraviewepocs 3De unit by J. Morita. This machine offers extremely low radiation exposure. In fact, Morita units offer the lowest radiation exposure available in the dental industry today.


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