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FAQs about our Dental Services

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What Is The Recovery From Lumineers?

There isn’t any recovery after having Dr. Frey place Lumineers on your teeth. As mentioned above, this is a painless process. The teeth receiving the Lumineers usually only require a minor etching before placement. That is painless and doesn’t create any post-placement pain. Immediately after Dr. Frey places your Lumineers, you can get right back to your normal life and show off your beautiful new smile to the world.

Is The Lumineers Procedure Painful?

Receiving Lumineers is completely pain-free. It’s not necessary to remove the amount enamel necessary for porcelain veneers, which can lead to tooth sensitivity and some discomfort during the tooth preparation. Lumineers are so thin, that’s not necessary. There isn’t any pain in any part of the process.

Are There Risks Associated With The Lumineer Procedure?

Lumineers are generally a very low-risk option for giving you a beautiful smile. There are some risks, but these are often the result of a lack of expertise on the dentist placing them. Dr. Frey offers both Lumineers and traditional porcelain veneers because he knows each patient has unique needs.

The main risk with Lumineers is over-contouring, or the teeth with Lumineers appearing bulkier or larger than normal. This is a result of not removing as much tooth enamel (0.2 mm versus 0.5 mm) with Lumineers.

Also, because Lumineers don’t remove much too enamel, lesser applications can leave a ridge at the top of the veneer. This can be a place for bacteria to accumulate, which can lead to decay and chronic bad breath.

If the Lumineers are placed slightly above the gumline, this can lead to gum irritation and possible gum disease. Again, this is a problem with poor placement by the dentist.

What Is The Difference Between Veneers And Lumineers?

The application of porcelain veneers requires removal of some of the existing enamel — usually about 5 mm — on the front of the teeth receiving the veneers. This makes room for the veneer. Because the enamel is removed, the patient will need a veneer on the tooth for the rest of his or her life.

Lumineers cover the same flaws and offer the same cosmetic improvements as porcelain veneers, but the procedure is much less invasive. The original tooth is left unchanged and the enamel is not damaged. This is possible because Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers (about as thick as a contact lens), but they still are incredibly strong and durable. In some cases, patients may feel that Lumineers may look or feel slightly bulkier when compared with porcelain veneers. That’s why Dr. Frey offers both options for his patients.

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