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ZONE Mouthguard, Invented by David Frey DDS

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Up Your Game with the ZONE™ Mouthguard: A no-boil technology!

The world’s top trainers and athletes recommend using a sports mouthguard to maximize athletic balance, power, and endurance, and also to protect their teeth during physical activity. However, a traditional mouthguard can be expensive, painful, and may not fit properly without several visits to a specialist. And the guards you buy at the store involve boiling water first to soften them and them putting them in their mouths.  A kitchen experiment you do not want your kids engaging in.

What is The ZONE™ Mouthguard?

The ZONE™ Mouthguard is a new, game-changing product in the world of sports mouthpieces and mouthguards, with a patented design by top cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey. It combines the ease of an at-home solution with the fit and quality of a custom-ordered piece.

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How to Create A Custom-Fit Protective Mouthguard

1. Mix: mix Zone-Fit material for approximately 20 seconds and roll into a cylinder

2. Pack: insert Zone-Fit material cylinders into frame and press in place

3. Bite: bite into the Zone-Fit material, wait for 2 minutes and let it set for an additional 5 minutes. Done.

How does it work? After measuring your bite, simply mix, pack, and bite into the frame for approximately 1 minute. It’s simple, safe, and truly pain-free.

Colors: Electric Yellow, Royal, Red, Black

ZONE Mouthguard Beverly Hills

Each kit includes:
1. Mouth Guard
2. Zone-Fit Materials
3. Tether
4. Fit Testers

Why did Dr. Frey invent the ZONE™ Mouthguard?

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