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Plastic Surgery without Surgery

What is facial augmentation without surgery?

Imagine going to a plastic surgeon to enhance your cheekbones, chin, jawline or lips and finding out that the surgeon can do the procedure without a scalpel. The surgeon actually says to you, “we can grow the cheekbones using your own body physiology.” It may take a few months, but it can work.

How can we do that? With the simple advent of something called a growth or remodeling appliance that can actually grow your own bone to its own bodies DNA potential using its own physiology.

How facial augmentation without surgery works

This treatment works through a trauma response. Imagine if you broke your leg at 70 years old, the doctor would put a cast over your leg and the bones would heal. Do you agree that the bones healed in your leg? Yes or No? If you said yes, then you agree that bones can grow even at the age of 70.

What our device does is fakes a break in the upper jaw bone. It fools the body to think the bone is broken. It’s called mini trauma. By constantly pushing on a nerve ending which is located behind your two front teeth, where you get the pizza burn, this fools the body to think that the bone is broken. It’s a constant push but it does not hurt.

What results can I expect?

Dr. Frey has found amazing results occur when patients are using the growth or remodeling appliance. Because facial asymmetries exist which could have strutted their DNA potential, the body knows this and wants to correct it. With this appliance subtle asymmetries will correct themselves such as developing cheek bones, developing full lips, developing a nice chin and a nice facial profile.

Before and After Facial Augmentation Without Surgery

Before Facial Augmentation
After Facial Augmentation

History of the remodeling appliance

From 1950 to 1990 a professor by the name of Donald Enlow wrote a book called Facial Growth which outlined all the facial growth remodeling centers throughout the face. From this book, several dentists have attempted to use his principals to enhance facial features. This was combined with Wolff’s Law that states that a bone can reshape when pressure is placed on it. Combining Wolff’s law and Enlow’s facial growth work, the growth appliance emerged. The one we use is developed by the facial beauty institute in Memphis.

What to consider before surgery

Before you get facial plastic surgery, take a look at your dental arches and bite. Are they narrow or wide? Can you breathe at night? Is your airway large enough? Do you have any weird tongue habits? Is your smile pretty? If any of these questions are a concern to you, contact our office today at 310.276.4537.

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