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At his Beverly Hills dentistry practice, Dr. David S. Frey and his professional staff are dedicated to providing you with the finest and most personalized dental care available. We place a strong emphasis on prevention and education. Your questions are invited and encouraged. Our initial in-depth exam is the first step toward your perfect smile and long-term proper dental care. General dentistry techniques provide the foundation for a healthy smile, and make cosmetic procedures possible. We will discuss with you any dental problems that our exam reveals, and advise you of your available treatment options.

We always strive to provide our patients with the most advanced technology. You will be pleased to know that your safety is increased with our low radiation X-Rays that emit 90% less radiation than conventional X-Rays and are immediately viewable by you and Dr. Frey on the computer monitor located in your treatment room. Dr. David Frey is so leading-edge that he purchased digital X-rays in 1997, while many other dentists still do not offer these to their patients.  He now offers 3-D X-rays which is state of the art and is at the forefront in dentistry!

Dr. Frey’s practice has been completely paperless since 2007 and environmentally friendly. While most doctor offices have a difficult time locating a patient’s chart, ours pops right up on the computer screen! Computers are networked across the office with the most updated software as our office runs in an efficient and clean manner. Patients can be checked out from any dental chair, and appointments can be made from anywhere in the office. We are a latex free dental office too!

While Dr. David Frey focuses the majority of his practice on his signature procedure Smile 360,  cosmetic and TMJ procedures, he is a well-educated and experienced dentist who can produce superior results during any dental procedure. Whether you are a Beverly Hills dental implants patient or a London Smile 360 patient, if you are interested in whitening your teeth with a smile makeover, receiving treatment for TMJ, or would like to have porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills or London, Dr. Frey can help. Contact his Beverly Hills or London practice today to learn more.

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