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What is a Mouth Guard?

ZONE Mouthguard Beverly Hills, CAThis is the time of year when many young people are preparing themselves for the “big game.” Whether it be football, baseball, wrestling, or some other activity, sports play an integral role in many kids’ lives. Sports also present a prominent risk for injury. For this reason, coaches and organizations advise players to wear protective gear. Many of the kids who are gearing up for a Fall season of sports are doing so with a custom-fit mouth guard.

A mouth guard is an appliance that is fit over the teeth. The common assumption is that a mouth guard is intended to protect the teeth and tongue in the event of a contact injury. A good mouth guard, however, is also made to reduce the risk of concussion and trauma to the jaw. Because a mouth guard is capable of more extensive protection, it is necessary to choose your child’s gear wisely.

Types of Mouth Guards

  • Boil-and-bite. This is, unfortunately, one of the most commonly used types of mouth guards. A boil-and-bite mouth guard is convenient. Made of thermoplastic material, this mouthpiece can be softened in boiling water and then, when cool enough, shaped to teeth. The problem with this is that many people perform this modeling at home. Without oversight from a dentist, the fit of a commercial boil-and-bite mouth guard is not likely to be sufficient for tooth or jaw protection.
  • Stock mouth guards are pre-formed and therefore very easy to insert. They are inexpensive, but a low cost may be all they have to offer. A pre-formed mouth guard is usually bulky, which prevents adequate oxygenation during sports (which inhibits performance). This mouth guard, while thick and cumbersome, usually lacks the thickness that is needed to protect the jaw muscles and joints.
  • Custom-made. Most custom-made mouth guards take a week or two to make after a dentist has accurately measured the bite. Dr. Frey has developed a comprehensive mouthguard system called The Zone Mouthguard that measures a person’s ideal bite during sports. This unique measuring technique is based on neuromuscular dentistry principals that optimize both protection and physical performance. Best of all, The Zone has been developed to provide ease and affordability. It’s so easy; it can be made right in on the bench or in the dugout.

Don’t send a player onto the field or court without sufficient tooth and jaw protection. Learn more about The Zone Mouthguard by calling our Beverly Hills office.

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