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TMJ treatment with FAGGA

Patients who experience locking, clicking, and painful jaw muscles may be unsure as to what is happening. They might reach out to their dentist for answers. Dr. David S. Frey sees many patients in his Beverly Hills, California practice who are seeking a solution for these problems, and they might be diagnosed with a condition known as TMJ or TMD. TMJ is an acronym for “temporomandibular joint” which is the jaw joint that hinges the upper and low jaw together. When it becomes dysfunctional and problematic, the condition diagnosed is TMD, or “temporomandibular joint disorder.”

How can TMJ/TMD be treated?

Once a patient has received a diagnosis of TMJ or TMD, they begin working with a provider to seek treatment. Treatment for this condition at the practice of Dr. David S. Frey often involves FAGGA, or “fixed anterior growth guidance appliance.” This is the first phase of orthodontic treatment that can help prepare the mouth for treatment of TMJ/TMD for the long-haul. This special metal appliance is used on the roof of the mouth and applies force to the teeth and bones to stimulate growth of the maxilla, or upper jaw. In doing so, it will help alleviate the symptoms of TMJ/TMD. Additionally, it can also benefit patients who want to improve their facial features, specifically in the jaw and chin area, while also reducing problems associated with obstructive sleep apnea due to the opening of the airways. Not only will you be able to treat your condition, but there are benefits to your overall appearance at the same time!

Who is a candidate?

The best candidate for FAGGA treatment with Dr. David S. Frey are patients who are diagnosed with TMJ/TMD and want to find a permanent solution that not only treats the problem at the source, but provides more balanced facial features and reduced obstructive sleep apnea issues simultaneously.

Are you interested in TMJ treatment with Dr. David S. Frey?

Contact his practice in Beverly Hills, CA at (310) 276-4537 and book an appointment at the office, conveniently located in Suite 414 at 462 North Linden Drive. He is always accepting new patients in his advanced dental facility, and continues to provide patients with a wide range of solutions for oral health and wellness.  

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