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TMJ treatment options available with Dr. David S. Frey

At the practice of Dr. David S. Frey, patients who have been diagnosed with TMJ or TMD have access to solutions that can help. Most patients don’t realize that our Beverly Hills, CA area office has the ability to help with concerns such as this. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint that hinges the jaw. It can become problematic, causing patients to experience locking, clicking, or popping of the joint. Patients who have been diagnosed with this condition may also deal with pain that radiates from the jaw to the ears or down through the shoulders.

What can be done for TMJ?

Our facility understands the importance of treating TMJ and getting a proper diagnosis. Once this has been done, patients can work with their dentist to determine the best course of action for treatment. For some patients, neuromuscular orthodontics can help in realigning the jaw and improving the bite. This can reduce pressure and problems of the TMJ and allow patients to seek relief. Patients may also benefit from surgical or non-surgical TMJ solutions that are available with Dr. David S. Frey. One option that many patients find to be extremely beneficial is the use of a bite splints, while others may be better suited for certain oral appliances. We like to not only offer patients a thorough diagnosis of their condition, but then help them treat it in two phases. The first phase is done to cure the TMJ, while the second phase is used for preserving the results. This may include bite adjustments or permanent splints.

Which treatment is right for me?

There are several treatments options available to patients for TMJ/TMD, including surgical and non-surgical approaches. However, choosing the one right for an individual will vary depending on many different factors involved, including the severity of the TMJ, the financial abilities of the patient, and the treatment best suited for the patient’s unique situation.

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