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Your Headaches could be Related to your Mouth

Your Headaches could be Related to your MouthChronic headaches can be incredibly frustrating. Not only do they rob you of being in the moment, but persistent discomfort can also become severe enough to keep you from doing the things that you would normally enjoy. Another factor in chronic headaches, including migraines, is the obstacles you may face when seeking treatment to actually resolve the issue, not just mask it. Chances are, you wouldn’t naturally explore how your mouth may be related to your headache woes. In fact, your treating physician may not, either. If you are a patient of Beverly Hills dentist Dr. David Frey, you may be closer to finding a way out of chronic head and neck pain than you could ever imagine.

Dr. Frey has been trained in the methods of neuromuscular dentistry. This enables him to identify and treat conditions that relate to the oral structure; specifically, to the temporomandibular joints that facilitate the various movements necessary. Nature has a specific intent for the jaw structure; a harmonious dance between the joints, ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels that results in functional positioning. This structure may be altered by a number of factors. It could be developmental in nature, or it could be related to a jaw injury or even to poorly fitted dental work. Ultimately, sub-par oral structure creates stress on the joints at the back of the jaw. When stress continues day after day, what began as a small problem could suddenly become distressing.

Finding Relief

Headache relief can come from a bottle, but this is only temporary and it doesn’t address the real issue. In finding solutions for chronic headaches, neuromuscular dentistry is a valuable tool. This practice involves state-of-the-art diagnostic testing that incorporates advanced modalities such as gentle electrical stimulation that relaxes muscle tension. It also involves personal attention for each patient in order to understand unique needs and meet them with appropriate therapy.

Once the optimal structural positioning is pinpointed through our comprehensive diagnostic process, we can create a custom orthotic that gently and discreetly encourages the jaw to sit in alignment as nature intended. Additional care may include the fabrication of new dental restorations, if existing restorations are adversely affecting bite.

If you have yet to find a lasting solution for chronic headaches, it may be time to look at your mouth. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Frey, call 310-276-4537.



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