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Can’t Break from your Coffee? It’s Ok!

Can't Break from your Coffee? It's Ok!For millions of people, there is nothing like waking up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. It’s as if the scent alone lifts the fog of sleep and fatigue, as well as the mood! To think that coffee could be damaging your teeth would not be far off. Due to acidity, tannins, and polyphenols in coffee, damage is, in fact, likely. The biggest concern that most people have about their coffee habit is how the appearance of their smile will be affected. At some point, the daily coffee habit will result in stains. However, we are about to tell you that it’s all Ok! With a few new habits, you can save your smile from the consequences of your love of coffee.

  • Drink up . . . within limits. One of the issues with coffee is that the tannins in this beverage can seep into the crevices and pores of enamel, ultimately leading to discoloration. Sipping coffee all morning long may sound divine, but this could be one of the instigators of staining. Instead of perpetual sipping, enjoy a cup here and there.
  • Rinse it. After each cup, if you enjoy more than one, swish some water around in your mouth. In fact, if you really want to save your teeth, swish mid-cup! Rinsing the mouth with water dilutes the acidity of the mouth and also washes tannins away so they do not sit on enamel.
  • Cream, please. Some say that we shouldn’t add cream to our coffee. Who needs the extra calories? There are two ways to look at this. One is that cream has been said to bind to tannins, which inhibits them from settling on teeth. Second, research demonstrates that some healthy fat like full cream can be good for overall health.
  • Eat it away. Chomping on fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables, like celery and apples, can be really good for your teeth. The crunchiness is both satisfying and cleansing, giving your teeth a brief, gentle polishing. Just be mindful to wait at least an hour before eating something crunchy, or brushing your teeth; enamel is more susceptible to abrasions after an acidic cup of Joe.

Healthy coffee-drinking habits can keep your teeth and gums in better health. However, there is no way to fully escape the consequences of a beloved coffee habit. If discoloration is affecting how you feel about your smile, give us a call. Professional teeth whitening can rescue your smile.

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