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5 Healthy Practices to Keep Your Teeth Stain-free

Having a perfect white smile is something that most people desire. However, there are many things that affect one’s ability to maintain a great set of teeth. These include any sort of damage, discoloration, or stains on one’s choppers. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best ways to keep your smile free… Read More »

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My Perfect Smile: How Cosmetic Dentistry Changed My Life

A person’s appearance can inspire generations and start new movements in fashion and style. While these trends change constantly there’s a certain beauty and confidence from a healthy and perfect smile that is timeless. An illustrious smile is immediately noticed by others. It’s the perfect compliment to a new outfit and can match any hairstyle.… Read More »

A Puny Straw Can Pack Powerful Protection

A Puny Straw Can Pack Powerful Protection

Straws Can Help Minimize Exposure Beverages like iced coffee, sports drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and colas contribute to tooth staining, decay and erosion. Sipping them through a straw can help protect your teeth. Staining – Strongly pigmented beverages—such as berry smoothies and red wine—can stain teeth. A straw can help. Decay – Your soft drink… Read More »

Your Smile May Be Your Greatest Job-Hunting Asset

Your Smile May Be Your Greatest Job-Hunting Asset

Yes, real relationships develop over time. We all know that. But there are certain situations where an incredible first impression goes a long, long way. One of those times is when you’re advancing your career and interviewing for jobs. 50% Of Interviewers Will Remember Your Smile, 9% Will Remember What You Wore A recent study by… Read More »

Real Smiles Versus Fake Smiles | David S. Frey DDS

Real Smiles Versus Fake Smiles

There’s a big difference between a real smile and a fake smile. And while a polite smile can help smooth over some social situations, a sincere, honest, from-the-heart smile can completely turn the day around. What Is “The Duchenne Smile?” The Duchenne Smile was named after 17th century French researcher Duchenne de Bologne. He believed… Read More »

Smiles And The Science Of Attraction | David S. Frey DDS

Smiles And The Science Of Attraction

YES, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY—and what better day to talk about smiles, attraction, and relationships!? It’s probably never occurred to you to look to your dentist for dating advice. But the fact is that smiles have a surprising amount to do with attraction. It’s Not So Much About Makeup And Primping Women in many countries annually spend… Read More »

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