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Quick Fixes For Awkward Dental Moments

Quick Fixes For Awkward Dental Moments

Imagine you’re at an important business dinner, or perhaps on a first date. We can’t help you with the small talk, or deciding what to wear. However, we can help you avoid some dental faux pas. Awkward Dental Moment: Something Stuck In Teeth How do you know if something is stuck in your teeth? The… Read More »

Good Morning, Sunshine! How’s Your Breath?

Good Morning, Sunshine! How’s Your Breath?

NO NEED TO BE EMBARRASSED! We all experience morning breath from time to time. Typically, our morning brushing routines get rid of it. But people wonder where morning breath comes from—and people wonder what to do if it continues throughout the day. Morning Breath Is Primarily Caused By Dry Mouth While general bad breath can have… Read More »

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Shares Bad Breath Triggers

Almost everyone has bad breath from time to time so I thought I would share some Beverly Hills bad breath triggers. Bad breath can be embarrassing, and a deal breaker,  in both business and social situations. Aside from the notorious “morning breath” our worst breath of the day happens around 3 pm. Avoiding these bad breath… Read More »

Oral Health Information Shared By Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

According to CDC 50% of US Adults Have Gum Disease

The Journal of Dental Research published a study that shows that almost 50% of US adults have some form of gum disease. As a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist I see a lot of gum disease but it is amazing that about 48% of people over the age of 30 have infected gums. For people older than… Read More »

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