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Ages 65+: Your Healthy Smile Timeline

Ages 65+: Your Healthy Smile Timeline

WELCOME TO THE FOURTH and final chapter in our “Healthy Smile Timeline” series. Let’s talk about a few special concerns that may crop up once your smile is a little more seasoned—as well as some cosmetic options you may want to consider. If YOU don’t fall into this particular age category, perhaps you care for someone who… Read More »

Your Healthy Smile Can Last A Lifetime | David S. Frey DDS

Your Healthy Smile Can Last A Lifetime

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE are keeping their original teeth well into their old age. It’s fantastic! However, it’s really important to understand the special attention needed to maintain a healthy smile when you’re 60+ years of age. Whether you fall in that category, or you care for someone who is elderly, there are a few… Read More »

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