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4 Ways to Protect Your Radiant Smile

Smile Makeover Beverly Hills, CAA healthy smile is a true asset to health and wellness. An attractive smile is, too, actually. When teeth look white and radiant, we feel better. We smile more. When we do this, we attract goodness into our lives. Studies have proven that smiling is a minor physical act that excites the brain to produce more “feel good” chemicals like dopamine. Smiling, especially with bright white teeth, has also demonstrated the power to propel professional and social success.

You are likely aware that there are many pitfalls that can diminish your radiant smile. Here, we offer four tips for preservation.

  1. Get intentional about oral care. There is a new trend revolving around mindful living, and it can help your smile. To be intentional means to act with purpose. If you set the intention to protect your teeth from unnecessary damage, this encourages daily, purposeful action such as brushing and flossing with your full attention on the task at hand. You might even throw in the occasional home-whitening boost using quality strips or another whitening product.
  2. Watch how you eat. Usually, we hear that we should watch what we eat. When it comes to tooth discoloration, there is no way to avoid pigmented foods altogether. We won’t even suggest that you try to do this. What we will suggest is that you use a straw when consuming iced tea, coffee, or soda. We will also suggest making a habit of rinsing your mouth with water after you consume food or beverage. Rinsing is better than brushing in this instance because enamel is usually softer after a snack or meal and therefore susceptible to erosion from brushing.
  3. Turn to Mother Nature for assistance. There are several natural remedies to protect a radiant smile. One that we can stand behind is the consumption of crunchy fruits and vegetables. These foods have a polishing effect that discourages plaque buildup. Also, ending a meal with, say, a stick of celery, dilutes and sweeps away debris that can cause stains.
  4. Teeth whitening treatment is not a once-and-done process. Most people who undergo teeth whitening once want to do it again. Why? Because a radiant smile is an asset we all love to admire!

Do you want to establish a new baseline of radiance for your smile? Contact us online or call our Beverly Hills office at 310-276-4537 to schedule your treatment. Dr. Frey also offers professional teeth whitening in his office in Marylebone in the UK.

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