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Improving Dental Care with Sleep Dentistry Techniques

sedation dentistryOver the past several years, there has been a marked increase in the availability of sedation in dentist’s offices around the world. Dr. Frey is a Beverly Hills dentist who believes that our patients should have something to look forward to when they see us. When fear stands in the way of obtaining general or cosmetic dental care, as it does for millions of people, there is little chance that one will love their smile. We are happy to provide calming medication that facilitates feelings of safety and security during your visits to our office.

Advantages of Sleep Dentistry

The obvious reason why you are interested in sleep dentistry is because you have some degree of apprehension about seeing the dentist. Having the ability to take a small pill prior to your visit gives you the peace of mind you need to attend to your oral health and smile aesthetic in the most comfortable manner. Additional advantages of sedation include:

  • Maximum pain control. One of the reasons that many patients are fearful of dental care is that they believe it may hurt. Sedation is used in conjunction with local anesthetic. Because you are already calm and slightly drowsy when you arrive for your visit, a little thing like injection of numbing medication will not bother you one bit. Also, anesthetic is nicely complemented by sedatives, maxing out your sense of comfort during dental treatment.
  • Time-savings. Dental care on a non-sedated patient may take longer. In fact, it may take several visits. Sedation achieves a state of relaxation that allows the dentist to work at the highest rate of efficiency. Sleep dentistry also makes it possible to complete more than one treatment in a single visit, saving you from unnecessary stress.
  • Physical relaxation. Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who have difficulty sitting still or who suffer from uncontrollable physical movement, such as individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

To maintain the healthiest smile possible requires routine dental care. When dental anxiety exists, this may seem an impossible feat. However, you can see what a vicious cycle it creates to avoid seeing the dentist. If you have avoided the care you need because you fear certain aspects of the dental visit itself, give us a call to discuss how sedation can help you. A friendly member of our staff is available at 310-276-4537.


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