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Are You Still Misunderstanding the Root Canal?

General Dentistry Services Beverly Hills, CARoot canal therapy has existed for many, many years. The initial technique to treat infection deep within a tooth was first developed in the mid-1800s. That has presented an enormous opportunity for refinement. It has also given us plenty of time to reach assumptions about a beneficial treatment that don’t serve us.

You may have heard stories about root canal therapy. You may have a perception of what this procedure is like by hearing comedic statements or watching scenes in movies or television that poke fun at this minor treatment. Often, a patient needing root canal therapy will have an intense sense of anxiety about their impending treatment without really understanding why. It all boils down to misunderstanding. We’d like to clear that up for you here.

Root Canal Therapy is NOT Painful

One of the biggest misunderstandings about root canal therapy is that the procedure hurts. To get a root canal is not much different than getting a cavity filled or having a tooth prepared for a dental crown. There is a need to remove infected material, and then there is a filling process – neither of which is painful.

Root canal treatment may be associated with pain because patients often complain of a bad toothache before their treatment. There is also a potential for heightened sensitivity during root canal therapy, or any dental treatment, due to an expectation of pain. Finally, the reputation that root canal therapy has for being uncomfortable could be due to outdated information. Earlier in dentistry when techniques and anesthetic may have needed a bit of refinement, many of the treatments that were conducted were somewhat uncomfortable.

A root canal performed today is not a painful or stressful experience. The use of modern anesthetic technique and meticulous surgical methods makes the procedure comfortable. Many dentists who perform root canals also offer sedation to help patients feel fully relaxed in the chair.

Tooth Extraction is NOT an Alternative to Root Canal Therapy

There may be a few reasons why some patients think extracting a diseased tooth is a better idea than repairing it. Whatever those may be for any individual, there remain key points that need to be considered. If we were to extract instead of repair, we would need to follow up with tooth replacement. Otherwise, teeth would shift and the risk for further infection would manifest.

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