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Root Canal Treatment Does Not Have to Be Scary! Learn More About This Solution for Infected Teeth

Beverly Hills, CA area patients who have been told that they can benefit from root canal therapy are welcome to speak to our team. Dr. David Frey and his staff work closely with individuals to help them find out more about this treatment and why it may be recommended for their smile.

Understanding root canal therapy

When patients hear the words “root canal,” they often cringe and think of a painful and troublesome dental procedure. However, this is a common myth surrounding dentistry that has been manifested over time. Root canal therapy is actually a procedure that is done with proper sedation and/or anesthetics and can help patients feel comfortable when pain from a toothache exists. Root canal therapy is a procedure that is performed by our dentist to relieve discomfort. During the treatment, the dentist accesses the inner canals of the tooth with a small hole and removes the dental pulp. This mass of tissues houses the blood supply and the nerves, which essentially “deadens” the natural tooth. The inside canals are then disinfected and filled with gutta percha before the tooth is sealed with composite resin bonding. Over the top, the dentist may decide to place a custom dental crown to offer an extra layer of protection and keep the tooth strong.

When might I need root canal therapy?

This procedure may be necessary if patients are experiencing:

  • An abscess of the tooth
  • Infection or inflammation of the dental pulp
  • Trauma to the structure and inner canals of the tooth
  • A severe toothache

Our team will advise patients as to when a root canal may be necessary and walk them through the process needed to maintain their oral health—and keep their natural tooth from being extracted.

Learn more about root canal therapy with our team of providers

Dr. David Frey is a dental professional ready and willing to help patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, one that is beautiful and healthy. If you have been told that you require root canal therapy to save a natural tooth, we welcome you into our practice to learn more about the benefits of this treatment. Call our office at (310) 276-4537 and visit us at our Beverly Hills, CA location in Suite 414 at 462 North Linden Drive.

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