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Think your Dental Exam only Reveals Oral Disease? Think again!

Think your Dental Exam only Reveals Oral Disease? Think again!Most  people assume that the sole purpose of their routine dental exam is to check for conditions like cavities or gum disease. There is a lot of truth to this. However, there are several other things that your mouth could reveal to your experienced dental team. If you have a dental visit in your near future, don’t let this piece of information alarm you. It’s good that your mouth can alert your dentist to important details about your health, even if there may be some things you wish to keep to yourself.

5 Secrets your Mouth may Give Away

  1. You flossed not long before your exam – but missed the months in between your last visit! Believe it or not, flossing right before a dental exam will make your gums appear red and inflamed. If you have been flossing as recommended for optimal health, your gums will look pink and will fit nicely around each tooth.
  2. You have a health condition. This may be given away by the condition of oral mucosa. For instance, if tissue is peeling from one or more areas of the mouth, you may have a vitamin deficiency. If you have a patch of discoloration or a sore that persists, your dentist may want to rule out oral cancer. Finally, breath may indicate a health condition such as diabetes.
  3. You bite your nails. People who bite their nails will have excessive wear of their front upper and lower teeth. This is due to continual grinding as nails are chomped.
  4. You love your soda or sports drink. A chipped tooth or discoloration may seem like a primary issue. However, your dentist will be able to see beyond the obvious and notice the potential reason for problems like discoloration or a chipped tooth: erosion. Sodas and sports drinks are so acidic that they begin to wear down enamel after just one week of daily consumption.
  5. You love your evening cocktail. Individuals who drink on a regular basis tend to have a greater risk for cavities. Sugar in cocktails or wine is not the problem. The issue is that, when alcohol is consumed in excess, it dries out the mouth. A dry mouth is more prone to cavities as well as gum disease.

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