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Reasons to Send Procrastination Packing

GENERAL DENTISTRYDo you procrastinate when it comes to scheduling that routine dental visit? You know, the one in which your dentist checks and cleans your teeth before dental problems can unravel your oral health. If you do, we want to help you. Patients of Dr. Frey and the team in our Beverly Hills office are treated with kindness and respect. We like to keep it light and comfortable, because we know this creates a more pleasant experience. Still need some convincing? Here are a few more reasons to make dental care a priority.

Why You Need Routine Dental Visits

We’ve got your back! Dental care is complementary to your daily oral hygiene. It is not a substitute for daily brushing and flossing, nor are those tasks a substitute for your six-month recall visits. The two go hand in hand. Here’s why . . . It is possible that, even with your best effort, you may miss a certain area of your mouth when you cleanse. Plaque builds up lightning-fast, and quickly hardens to tartar. Your dentist can see this. Better yet, he can resolve this issue by using special instruments to remove these bacteria-laden substances.

Tooth Grinding

Your mouth may tell secrets. There are certain habits that you may keep without your knowledge, but your mouth knows. Bruxism is a common condition that describes that act of grinding teeth or clenching the jaw. You may not think you do this, because it is often done unconsciously, or worse, while you sleep. If not addressed, these habits put you at risk for tooth fractures, gum recession, and TMJ disorder.

Calm Dental Anxiety

Break the cycle of fear. We understand that seeing the dentist can be an unpleasant experience for many people. We do our best to change the idea our patients may have had about dentistry by providing them with personalized care in a friendly environment. We also encourage routine visits as a way to break the cycle of dental anxiety. How nice would it be to see your dentist and hear “all is well” instead of needing restorative work!

Why put off until tomorrow what can easily be done today? Call 310-276-4537 to schedule your visit with your experienced Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Frey.



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