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Beverly Hills Dentist Wants You To Know What To Expect About Oral Health When You’re Expecting

The new movie “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” is a comedy, but the truth is that pregnancy changes lots of things, including your oral health. A healthy smile is essential for both mother and baby even before you become pregnant.

Start your pregnancy off right by visiting your dentist as soon as you begin thinking about starting a family. Untreated gum disease has been linked to pregnancy complications including pre-term birth so your healthy smile is important to the health of your new baby.

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy may mean changing your usual dental routine. Even women who have healthy teeth and gums can experience pregnancy gingivitis. This temporary condition causes your gums to become red, inflamed and bleed easily. It is common and usually disappears three to six months after delivery as long as good oral hygiene care is followed.

Many years ago women were taught that they couldn’t receive dental care while pregnant. Today we know that receiving dental care during pregnancy is not dangerous to the mother or baby and that maintaining good oral health is essential to your healthy pregnancy.

If you expect to be expecting in the near future don’t delay scheduling your appointment.  Please contact Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey at 310-276-4537 today schedule your appointment.

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