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How Is a Crown Attached to a Dental Implant?

June 10, 2022
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etting a dental implant can do wonders for you, not only restoring the oral health of your mouth but giving you the confidence and joy to smile again. The ability to smile broadly and not worry about being judged for a missing or discolored tooth cannot be understated. It changes your life.

But what is the process of getting a dental implant? How is the crown attached to the dental implant? What is the process? And what even is the difference between an implant and a crown?

How is a crown placed on a dental implant?

A dental implant comes in three parts. The first is the actual dental implant, which is a post that embeds in the jaw. The second part is called the abutment, which is what connects the dental implant post to the crown. And the third part is the crown which caps everything off. 

The implant and abutment are never seen when you smile. The crown, the fake tooth, is what everyone sees. So what is the dental implant’s crown, and how is it put in place?

Dental Crowns Attached with Oral Cement

The first way that a crown is attached to the abutment is with oral cement. This decision is usually made for aesthetic purposes because the other method (screwed crowns) sometimes show a little discoloration in the artificail tooth. 

Note that this is not always the case. Sometimes a screw attachement is what’s best for your mouth and your smile. Talk to Dr. Frey about this if it’s a concern for you and he’ll walk you through the options. 

Dental cement is colored to make your artificial tooth match to any natural tooth. Dental cement is a permanent crown–it’s meant to last forever. The downside to dental cement is that sometimes you might need to upgrade your crown–if it chips or there is some other problem–and the cement is a hard fix. It will require more effort than a screw-retained type of crown.

Dental Crowns Attached with Screws

Some dental crowns can be screwed directly into the abutment. This is easier to repair, but it can also not look as natural as the dental cement-based tooth. There may be a little discoloration and it may not match your natural teeth. 

However, screw-retained implant crown placement is safer and faster, and can generally be done the same day the abutment is placed. Crowns on a screw-retained placement are also meant to be permanent, but have the benefit of being abloe to be placed. And, one final benefit is that if a tooth next to a screw-retained tooth, then the screw-retained tooth can be remoived and a bridge can be made using the existing crown-to-the-abutment setup. 

Does putting a crown on an implant hurt?

Putting the crown on the abutment for your dental implant can cause pressure and discomfort. If you’ve had braces, it can feel a little like the sensation of getting your braces tightened. The good news is that this sensation will go away quickly and you’ll seen find that the tooth replacing treatment is beneficial and helps more than it ever hurt.

Does a crown go on top of an implant?

Yes, the crown goes on top of the implant. The implant and the abutment are the hardware that are driven into your jaw that allow the crown to attach. The implant and abutment will not be seen once the crown is in place. 

How long does it take to put a crown on an implant?

It really depends on a lot of different factors. There are times when you can get the implant, the abutment, and the crown all in one day. But that’s uncommon. The more common thing is for the implant and abutment to be placed, sometimes with a temporary crown, and the implant will heal in the jaw before the permanent crown is placed. 

It also may be that the crown needs to be made, as no two teeth are alike. And you’ll want your new crown to look like the natural teeth surrounding it. The creation of the tooth is generally done off-site from your dentist’s office, and can take a few weeks to shape and create. 

When you request an appointment with Dr. Frey you can talk about the timeframe, and when you are meeting with him doing treatment planning he will explain everything and give you options. 

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