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What to expect during a routine dental evaluation visit

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dental office, or if you have avoided the dentist due to dental anxieties, you are not alone. When it comes to making that appointment, it can be helpful for patients to know what to expect when they arrive. Don’t let routine cleanings and examinations with the dentist scare you—this preventative step towards good oral health and wellness is necessary to reduce the risk of problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Most visits take less than an hour, and can be scheduled months in advance as needed. 

What happens during a routine dental evaluation? 

During a visit with Dr. David S. Frey of Beverly Hills, California, patients can expect: 

  • Proper sedation and anesthetics if needed to ensure the cleaning of the teeth is comfortable for the patient and to reduce any fears or anxieties the patient might have regarding their appointment.
  • Cleaning of the teeth by the dental hygienists, who have training and experience in removing plaque and tartar that might have developed on the surfaces of the teeth.
  • Flossing of the teeth to remove food particles that may have become stuck.
  • Polishing of the teeth to remove any surface stains, done with a toothpaste that has a gritty sensation. This gives the teeth that beautiful shine and sheen patients desire!
  • Evaluation of the gum tissues to look for pocket depth that might indicate the earlier stages of periodontal disease.
  • X-rays to be taken as needed to assess the health of the smile beneath the gumline. Not every appointment will require x-rays, but if there is a specific concern, or if patients haven’t been to the dentist for a while, these will often be performed by our team. 

Call Dr. David S. Frey today to discuss your next appointment 

If you are due for an evaluation and a professional cleaning, now is the time to connect with our team in Beverly Hills, California for your next visit. Call (310) 276-4537 to book a time with our staff for a routine dental evaluation at 462 North Linden Drive, Suite #414. 

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