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We Strive for Greatness | David S. Frey DDSThere is never really a bad time to feel good about seeing the dentist. Unfortunately, statistics continually demonstrate how difficult it is for a large majority of people to see their dentist as routinely as they should. In some instances, the citing issue is the financial constraint. In many cases, though, what keeps people from seeing the dentist is fear and anxiety. When you aren’t sure how you feel about seeing the dentist, choosing a dental office can be a fete in itself. We’d like to help you determine if our Beverly Hills office could be a good fit for you by differentiating between good and great.

Dental Care

There are several options for good dentists in the Los Angeles area. A good dentist will have the necessary skill to accurately diagnose the full array of basic dental conditions, including gum disease and cavities. This same good dentist may have multiple options for how to treat these conditions, too, such as crowns, dental implants, or tooth-colored fillings. In most dental offices rated for good care, patients receive prompt care, though their visits may be somewhat brief to maintain the busy schedule of the office. This kind of care is, well, good. The question is, is it good enough?

If you haven’t heard, great dental care can be life-changing. Great care involves all of the same basic services provided by a good dentist and then some. The richness of great dental care is not only seen, but it is also felt. It isn’t solely about services; it’s about service. It’s about the dental team taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your oral care habits, your genetic disposition toward oral health. A great dentist is an educator, an investigator, and support that first seeks to understand, and then seeks to create a care plan for individual needs.

Our offices in Beverly Hills and London are known for friendly, personable care. Our desire to turn your first visit into a lifelong professional relationship is evident in the way we get to know what matters to you, and then enable that to be reflected in your smile.

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