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Why Tooth Loss Demands Prompt Care

Why Tooth Loss Demands Prompt CareSo much has changed over the past century that very little of what we do today follows the same basic methodologies. We no longer rely on horsepower in the same ways that Grandma and Grandpa may have. And, according to statistics, we are also enjoying greater health than our ancestors did. This includes better oral health and less instances of tooth loss. Still, the problem is not completely uncommon. More than 35 million people in our country are without natural teeth, and more than 175 million have lost at least one permanent tooth.

Teeth are lost for all sorts of reasons. In some instances, it is important that we unlock the cause of tooth loss, especially if there are numerous missing teeth. However, the primary issue that we address is replacement. The idea that tooth replacement is an unnecessary expense is antiquated at this point in time, and for good reason. It isn’t just that we want to retain a natural aesthetic. It is that more people are realizing the true cost of not replacing missing teeth.

Loss of Adequate Tooth Function

Teeth serve more than one function. While their visual appearance makes the smile look nice, teeth are primarily intended for biting and chewing. If tooth loss occurs at the front of the mouth, biting will be inhibited. If it is a molar that is lost, chewing will not be as efficient as it should be. What often happens is that a person begins to chew more on the side of the mouth that has a full line of teeth. The problem that this creates is excessive stress on those teeth, as well as the muscles, ligaments, and joints in the jaw.

Another vital function that our teeth fulfill has to do with our ability to speak. Sounds are made with the tongue and teeth, and how they come into contact. If there is no tooth for the tongue to “hit,” certain sounds will be disrupted.

Loss of Adequate Tooth Structure

Teeth in and of themselves offer structure to the lips, to speech, and to the face. More so, the height of the bone beneath the gums is also crucial to overall facial structure. After a tooth is lost, there is no stimulation sent into the bone to prompt regeneration. As such, the inactive bone deteriorates. This breakdown of bone tissue can occur relatively quickly within the first year and a half after a tooth is lost or extracted, so prompt replacement of the tooth and its missing root is more important than you may imagine.

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