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Three reasons to visit Dr. Frey of Beverly Hills, California for a dental examination

Most patients know that they should be visiting their dentist every six months, but many are unsure why. Routine dental checkups are recommended by the American Dental Association every six months. They are a critical component of one’s overall oral health and wellness. When patients skip these appointments, they are taking a risk with their smile. Below are three reasons why you should be maintaining these preventative dental visits with Dr. David S. Frey of Beverly Hills, California.

• Home oral care alone cannot protect the smile. While brushing and flossing the teeth after every meal is strongly encouraged to be proactive towards good oral health and hygiene, it is not the only way to keep the smile healthy. It is impossible to remove plaque and tartar at home, so visiting a dentist who has professional instruments that can is vital. Patients can also take the time to speak to their dentist and dental professionals about ways to keep their smiles healthy, educating themselves on methods, products, and tools that are used for achieving and maintaining oral health and wellness.
• Many problems can be caught early on and before they become larger, more painful, or extremely problematic. Many expensive dental treatments can be avoided with regular visits, as x-rays and other diagnostic tools can catch the early signs of periodontal disease and tooth decay. When these issues are addressed as soon as they are spotted, it significantly reduces the damage caused and the cost of treatment that can be inflated with time.
• Oral cancer screenings are critical. Oral cancer is affects thousands of people each year, and early detection is key to avoiding the life-threatening consequences. Patients who visit Dr. David S. Frey regularly will benefit from an examination that will include detection of oral cancer, and if caught, steps can be taken to treat it.

Ready for a dental examination?

Contact Dr. David S. Frey of Beverly Hills, California today to learn more about the steps you can take to get a thorough dental examination done with his team. Call (310) 276-4537 to book an appointment at 462 N. Linden Drive, Ste. #414.

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