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Oral Care is Critical for Smokers – Even After They Quit!

General Dentistry Beverly Hills CA | Los AngelesSmoking, whether it be a pipe, cigars, cigarettes, or even marijuana, can have some serious consequences to general health. Most people are well aware of what those are: heart disease, lung cancer, and more. There is no need for us to go there. What we would like to discuss is the importance of a consistent, efficient oral care program for individuals who smoke. Even if you are in the process of quitting or have already quit, the fact is that your mouth could still need a little extra TLC.

Some of the ways you may provide your smile with additional attention include:

Use Excellent Technique

The way in which you brush your teeth will correlate to how clean and healthy your mouth is. We suggest:

  • Investing in a good electric toothbrush, one with soft bristles and a convenient handle that allows you to reach all areas of the mouth, even harder-to-reach places at the very back.
  • Spend an appropriate amount of time brushing every morning and night. This is not a task to rush through. Two full minutes is needed to adequately disrupt the debris that may be adhering to tooth surfaces. Develop strategies, if necessary, such as playing a two-minute song, to help you stay on the brushing task for the appropriate duration.
  • Floss daily. A way to make sure this happens is to purchase a Waterpik or other water irrigator. If you currently smoke, this method of flossing may be an adjunct rather than an alternative. You may floss with string, and then end your oral care routine with water irrigation that includes a few drops of oral antibacterial rinse in the water. Because a small amount of water from the Waterpik reaches beneath the gum line, the antibacterial solution works to inhibit inflammation where it is most likely to occur.
  • Lastly, rinse with antibacterial mouthwash to freshen breath and inhibit bacterial activity.

Get Support for a Great Smile

Dr. Frey provides friendly dental care in our Beverly Hills and London offices where patients can obtain general and cosmetic dentistry services tailored to their needs. From teeth whitening to comprehensive dental checkups and cleanings, we support our patients with efficient care. Call us today at 310.276.4537.

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