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Options for repairing severely damaged teeth

Damaged teeth can pose a risk to one’s oral health, as well as contribute to a host of problems. This is why damaged teeth need to be restored by a quality dental provider in the Beverly Hills, California area. Dr. David S. Frey is a dentist who understands the importance of a healthy smile, and offers restorative solutions such as bridges, dentures, dental implants, and other methodologies to help new and current patients. There are different types of damage that can occur, which often require different solutions. Below are a few of the more common solutions for repairing severely damaged teeth within the smile:

  • Chipped teeth – in a situation such as this, composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers are used to restore the appearance to the smile while also protecting the tooth from further damage.
  • Tooth decay – smaller areas of tooth decay are often effectively treated with dental fillings. Our practice utilizes composite resin fillings which are aesthetic and long-lasting. However, some patients may have severe damage in which a dental crown may also be placed over the tooth for extra protection against breakage as large fillings affect the integrity of the tooth structure.
  • Infection – if a tooth has an internal infection, the only course of treatment is often root canal therapy. This procedure allows Dr. David S. Frey to remove the inner dental pulp of the tooth and seal it off with a material called gutta percha. Teeth that have had their dental pulp removed may become brittle and weak, so a dental crown may also be placed over the top.
  • Worn teeth – patients with conditions such as bruxism may find that their teeth become worn due to clenching and grinding. First, a dentist will often recommend the use of an oral appliance at night to protect the teeth, and then may offer restorations such as crowns to repair damage.

Restorative dentist in Beverly Hills, CA offers a myriad of options

If your teeth are damaged and require restoration, we strongly encourage you to book a consultation with Dr. David S. Frey and his team of professionals. This ensures that patients have access to solutions to improve their smile’s function, health, and beauty. Call the practice at (310) 276-4537 to request an appointment at 462 N. Linden Drive, Suite #414.  

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