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Common Brushing Mistakes that Could be Hurting your Smile

General Dentistry Beverly Hills CAOral care is integral to an attractive smile, to oral health, and to general wellness. Most adults realize this and invest time each day in the management of their teeth and gums. By this time in your life, you have been brushing for so many years that the act is now second-nature. This alone can lead to mishaps that you later regret. Here, we look at a few common mistakes and what you can do about them.

  1. Using the wrong toothbrush. Honestly, we don’t even know why hard-bristled toothbrushes are made anymore. They are only good for cleaning the grout between kitchen and bath tiles! Tooth enamel is much more sensitive than it looks. Also, teeth are surrounded by delicate gum tissue. Do yourself a favor; get a soft-bristled toothbrush from now on. Consider an electric toothbrush or sonic toothbrush if you need that fresh, clean feeling.
  2. Using wrong technique. Teeth are not cleaned by a straight horizontal hold on the toothbrush, nor by aggressive pressure and scrubbing. Lean the toothbrush bristles to a 45-degree angle to gently reach tooth surfaces. Tongue-scraping is also part of the optimal technique.
  3. More is not better. We are encouraged to brush every morning and every night, and even after the mid-day meal if we can. More brushing than this could be a mistake that leads to excessive wear of enamel. Erosion like this can lead to persistent discoloration as underlying dentin becomes visible.
  4. Taking it too far. Not brushing; your toothbrush. Time goes by so quickly that it’s easy to forget to replace toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months. The longer a toothbrush is used, though, the less effective it is. Don’t wait for bristles to start falling out. Put toothbrush replacement on your calendar, if you must.
  5. Sub-par cleanliness. One of the best things you can do for your mouth is taken good care of your toothbrush. This means airing it out. Many people have become somewhat apprehensive about leaving toothbrushes on the bathroom counter after certain reports have suggested that horrifying bacteria may find its way to those bristles. Yuck! Stowing a toothbrush away into a case, though, is even worse. A toothbrush needs air flow to dry out after each use. This can be obtained in a drawer, where germs from other parts of the bathroom cannot reach.

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