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Is your Busy Schedule Ruining your Smile?

Is your Busy Schedule Ruining your Smile?If you had a single penny for every time you said “this will have to wait until tomorrow,” you may be a very wealthy person! The fact is, today’s society seems to move at breakneck speed. We rush from one thing to another, often forgetting things along the way. Keeping up with the daily schedule is challenge enough, let alone maintaining those six-month dental check-ups.

Is dental care a priority in your life?

It is easy to take our teeth for granted, but this can have devastating effects. Here are a few of the important ways your teeth serve you:

  1. You have your teeth to thank for that gorgeous smile. It goes without saying that we tend to look at a person’s smile before anything else. When we look at the smile, it is the teeth that are being unconsciously evaluated. While teeth are an integral aspect of your smile, they are also crucial to the structure of  your lower face. Without the structural support of your teeth, your face would look older – much older.
  2. Your teeth support your general health. There is no denying that what happens in the mouth does not stay there. We have stacks and stacks of data from numerous studies that tell us a healthy mouth is a vital aspect of a healthy body. On a very direct level, your teeth help you stay healthy by enabling you to chew. Without the proper breakdown of food prior to digestion, this process is thrown into a state of imbalance that impedes adequate nutrient uptake.
  3. Teeth are important to your success. This goes back to that lovely smile. According to research, an attractive smile may just be one of the greatest assets your bring with you to an important meeting or job interview – even to a date.

Tend to your Teeth

The good thing about oral care is that it really isn’t all that involved. Brushing morning and night, and flossing once every day is good. Oral care habits should also include prevention, such as avoiding tobacco and acidic food and beverage products that erode enamel. And, of course, seeing your dentist fits into this schematic as an adjunct to your daily care.

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