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Does your Breath Need a Makeover?

General DentistryAs a well-known cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Frey is familiar with the innumerable benefits of bringing more beauty out in the smile. He is also aware of the fact that, no matter how gorgeous and bright a person’s teeth are, they won’t feel much like smiling or speaking if they struggle with bad breath. Chronic bad breath, referred to as halitosis, is a big deal. Why else would we see such a wide variety of products designed to freshen up? Here, we dive into this problem to find a ray of hope.

In many instances of halitosis, oral hygiene is the underlying issue. If you worry that your breath is becoming frighteningly close to noxious, first look at your daily habits. When you brush, do so with specific intent. Keep it up for two full minutes, and pay close attention to reach every part of the mouth. If you clean your tongue with your toothbrush, switch to a specific tongue-cleaning instrument. Finally, floss. Every day. Use a flavored floss for a minty-fresh feeling. If improved oral hygiene habits do not resolve the issue within a week or two, contact us for a consultation. Another problem may be lurking.


People who wear dentures are more susceptible to halitosis because bacteria can accumulate on the underside of fixtures, as well as on visible surfaces. Bad breath may also develop as a result of a poor fit. We can evaluate dentures and how they fit against the gums to determine how to manage fresh breath.


Everything from sores to gum disease to a cavity can cause bad breath. This is because each of these problems is usually associated with plaque. Now, plaque itself is odorless and invisible. However, the bacteria that reside in plaque (and tartar) can cause all kinds of problems. In addition to leaving acidic waste in the mouth to stink the place up, these microorganisms degrade the gums and the enamel that protects teeth. Identifying and treating infection is a great way to ease halitosis while also preserving long-term oral health.

Dry Mouth

Saliva flow is crucial to plaque-prevention, digestion, and bacteria-control. Without sufficient moisture in the mouth, bad breath can quickly become a problem. In some cases, management is as simple as sipping water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. However, dry mouth may also be related to a health condition such as diabetes. A thorough consultation and examination are necessary to plan the most appropriate treatment for dry mouth.

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