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When to Speak to a Dentist About Full Mouth Restoration

Do you have a wide range of imperfections within your smile?

Have you experienced tooth loss and are seeking aesthetic and fully-functioning replacement options?

Are there several teeth within your smile that are damaged, yellowed, or loose?

Patients in the community of Beverly Hills, CA who are faced with a variety of dental concerns may want to work with a dentist who offers full mouth reconstruction. Dr. David S. Frey is available to help patients not only restore the function and health of their smile, but to restore beauty as well.

Who is a candidate for full mouth reconstruction?

Our dentist provides full mouth reconstruction for any patient ready to tackle the aesthetic and functional concerns of their smile. Many patients have more than one concern with their smile that they’d like to address.

During full mouth reconstruction, Dr. David S. Frey can address:

  • Teeth that are loose or are missing
  • Teeth severely damaged from disease or decay
  • Teeth with old or lost fillings
  • Teeth with teeth that are cracked or chipped
  • Teeth that are not aesthetically pleasing
  • Teeth with old or broken restorations such as crowns

When patients are ready to improve their smile, they are welcome to work with a dentist who offers full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction, sometimes referred to as a smile makeover, combines a variety of treatments into one procedure to enhance the entire smile. Dr. David S. Frey can break up treatments over time or have them performed all at once during an extended visit to the practice.

Getting started with full mouth reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction may incorporate a large number of procedures to address the entire smile. During an initial evaluation with Dr. David S. Frey, patients can consult with their dentist about the ways in which they can achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of having. Our dental team develops a treatment plan that both patient and doctor are on board with and begin making the changes to the smile for a more attractive look.

Interested in restoring your smile?

Call (310) 276-4537 to speak to Dr. David S. Frey of Beverly Hills, CA regarding full mouth restoration services.

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