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Full Mouth Reconstruction, a 360-Degree Makeover

Full Mouth Reconstruction Beverly Hills, CAWe all want to feel good when we smile. We also expect that chewing and biting will occur without complication. This expectation and others may not be satisfied if teeth are affected by widespread decay or inflammation. Oral disease, injury to teeth, and even wear and tear are all common reasons why a person may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction, or Smile 360 treatment. This procedure is not your average cosmetic dentistry makeover; it is a step-by-step process that rebuilds the framework for a healthy, attractive smile.

What to Expect from Full Mouth Reconstruction

If multiple dental problems are keeping you from the comfort and confidence you deserve, a full-mouth reconstruction plan may be right for you. The personalized treatment plan is developed based on the findings of an initial visit with Dr. Frey. During this consultation, our objective is to get to know you and your smile concerns. We want to know every detail you have to share because your concerns and preferences are what guide our treatment process.

After a comprehensive consultation, we perform a thorough dental exam that includes x-rays and, if necessary, other diagnostic tests. This exam observes your teeth, restorations that may no longer be functioning well, your gums, and also your facial structure. The observations that are made during this exam provide us with a starting point from which your smile can be recreated to perfectly suit your needs and your facial contours.

Dr. Frey describes the Smile 360 process as a dental pie. Integral pieces to this pie include:

  • Gum and teeth health
  • No missing teeth
  • No infection
  • Aligned bite and functional joints
  • Functional dental restorations

A full mouth reconstruction plan may begin with restorative treatments such as root canal therapy or tooth replacement, as needed to reinstate the foundation for functional biting and chewing. Outdated tooth restorations may be replaced to enable opposing teeth to fit optimally. This reduces stress on the joints of the jaw. When gums and teeth are healthy and the jaw is in working condition, cosmetic treatments focus on perfecting the shade, length, size, and texture of the teeth that make up your smile.

Full mouth reconstruction need not be a stressful endeavor. Patients of our Beverly Hills, CA and Marylebone, UK offices can expect their comfort to be our priority throughout the treatment process. To schedule a consultation, call an office near you.

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