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How Tooth Replacement Needs to Go Down

Dental Implants Beverly Hills CAThrough the ages, humans have struggled to find solutions to the tooth loss problem. To come to a place where viable treatment options even existed took hundreds of years of trial and error. In the last 100 years, we’ve made significant strides forward on this front. Not only do we have the awareness that daily care can help us keep natural teeth for life, but we also have treatments that reinstate natural structure in the unfortunate event that teeth fail or suffer injury. Dental implants are a prime example.

Historically, when tooth replacement has been necessary, it is the crown of the tooth that has been the center of attention. The shortcomings of such an approach have become glaringly obvious. Just watch a single episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, and you’re likely to see a denture mishap caught on film. We may giggle at these videos, but none of us wants to experience such an embarrassing moment. And we shouldn’t have to; we don’t have to when we replace the missing structure with dental implants. Here’s why . . .

  • Dental implants can last forever. Permanence is what we want when we’re dealing with our teeth, right? To achieve this, tooth replacement must also involve root replacement. This is what dental implants do. The introduction of titanium posts into the jaw provokes bone regeneration that solidifies the implants into place. As long as gum health remains stable, there is no reason to expect implants to lose this stability.
  • Stability begets function. Our natural teeth are functional, able to break apart food because they are stable. We can speak comfortably because our teeth do not move around when we open and close our mouth. The main reason why traditional dentures are deficient is that they are not anchored, they only adhere to the arch by suction. With just a few implants, an entire arch of artificial teeth can feel very secure and natural.
  • Reinstating natural structure creates convenience. When a dental implant secures a dental crown or small bridge, oral hygiene does not need to change to support long-term health. Dentures secured to implants may need to be removed for periodic cleanings but are, for the most part, very easy to maintain.

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