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Tooth Fairy App Shared by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Yes, Beverly Hills – there is an app for that! The Tooth Fairy app is free and helps formulate how much money the Tooth Fairy is leaving in comparable households.

Tooth Fairy App Shared by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

This app has been produced in conjunction with an annual survey conducted by the credit card company Visa which gauges the average amounts left by the Tooth Fairy during the past year. According to this year’s survey the economy has improved because the average tooth is now getting $3, up 15% from the $2.60 left last year.

More survey results showed:

  • 3% of children got less than $1, but that was down from7% last year
  • 30% of children got exactly $1 for their lost tooth, about the same as the prior year
  • 13% of kids got between $2 and $4
  • 18% of those lost teeth were worth $5
  • 8% of children got more than $5, up slightly from 2011

If you’ve ever wondered how the Tooth Fairy figured out how much to leave you can check out the app which is available for iPhones and iPads in the Apple App Store. The free calculator uses the survey data and factors in gender, age, income, home state and education levels to formulate how much money the Tooth Fairy is leaving in similar households. I always wondered how she figured that out!

If you are an adult you don’t want to be losing any teeth for the Tooth Fairy to come pick up. Prevention prevents tooth loss so remember to brush, floss and get regular dental cleanings. If a tooth is lost we now have a wonderful, lifelike replacement option – dental implants. Dental implants act as an artificial tooth root and the restoration will look, feel and perform just like your natural tooth.

For more information about dental implants please contact Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey at 310-276-4537. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule your consultation to see if dental implants are right for you.

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